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$1000+ per Month via Social Traffic

by Maria Littera

Some stories take more time than others, and it’s ok: there is no universal success recipe with strict timing. Even when it comes to some popular and spread options like Direct link on a Facebook social traffic, our Publishers manage to find their unique way of work. To say that we are delighted every time we get such a story is to say nothing. So enjoy today’s case study and grab them tips to implement into your own strategy.

Abdu Abubakar|

Hello, Adsterra readers! My name is Abdu Abubakar, I’m from Northern Nigeria. After I finished secondary school in 2020, for some reason I didn’t get admission to further my education to university. During that time I was jobless. I wanted to earn some money so I started taking my blogging seriously.

I started blogging in 2018, but unfortunately I haven’t earned a dime until 2022, because I haven’t taken the right path. In all these years I’ve been applying for AdSense all in vain. So I wasted a lot of valuable traffic in trying to get AdSense. 

AdSense fortunately accepted my blog but after a few weeks they banned the account for reasons best known to them. A friend introduced Adsterra to me and that’s where the journey started. Now I want to share my story of how I use Adsterra Direct link to earn more than $1000 in just a month.

It has been two years since I started using Adsterra, and no month has passed in between these years that I haven’t earned a stable $100 even before I learned about Direct link. In this write up I will share my tips on how I achieved more through Facebook. Let’s start!

My traffic and methods

My traffic mostly comes from X (Twitter) and Facebook, and I’ve been keeping my methods secret because only few people know about it.

Adsterra likes high-value Facebook traffic, and it converts insanely well by Adsterra Direct link.

Explore Direct link and all the other formats by joining Adsterra partners’ family today. We have Social Bar, Native ads, In-Page Pushes, Interstitials, and much more at your service.


Learn how to use the Facebook keyword monopoly

Many people think that keywords only work on full-scale SEO strategies. It’s unknown to them that Facebook uses keywords too. The case is that almost every valuable keyword that you know is probably already used by the big guys mostly. So no matter what you try you’ll not rank on it, but there’s still some ways to rank on those particular keywords.

First variant: 

  1. Check Google trends.
  2. Find out what is trending in a particular country. For example, whenever I saw someone like an actor or actress trending, I checked why they were trending, and I searched their name on Facebook. Why so? Facebook shows you all the trending keywords about that particular person. 
  3. The next thing is to copy those keywords and write a compelling heading with an interesting image of that person and make sure you include all those keywords. Don’t forget to make the heading in such a way that will leave your users curious to know more about the situation. 

Sounds simple, but keeping my finger on the news’ pulse I’ve earned more than $500 in a week using this strategy.

Second variant:

  1. If the keyword has a high search volume, create a page with the ‘keyword’ in the name of the page. Fill it with the related to the keyword topic information and that’s it! The page will start getting attention even more quickly if it’s X (Twitter), so you can just change the profile name if your content is suitable for the topic.

Extra tip: by using X (Twitter) urls you also lower the declining risks from Facebook as Facebook rarely blocks them.

2. You can also create a Facebook group or check if the celebrity you’re targeting has a fan base. So they’ll gladly accept your related content to be posted on their group since it’s the group subject.


iGaming niche

Small tip: when talking about celebrities, we talk about iGaming as well as sports fans are a huge audience!

I’ve had a positive experience with this niche: in fact, sports celebrities are the most trending topics that never decline online. What I do in that kind of situation is create a Facebook group with the name of the celebrity and probably with some trending keywords. Apart from this, I sometimes check the games. Although I’m not even a sports person, I follow the hottest events, then I simply create a page or group using the exact keyword.

Usually people search for those keywords with all that information, and the first thing that will prompt is the group.

Extra tip: there’s a lot of sports in the USA and especially in the UK that are not quite known globally, but only in-countries. So in this case such keywords pay off well, because these GEOs have really nice CPM.


Learn how to combine various ad formats

The vital thing for my strategy is that Direct link converts pretty well along with Popunder and Social Bar. 

Your goal is to get users to click on your ads. So when a user gets to my blog using Direct link, in the blog they see Social Bar and Popunder I’ve already installed. Double profit!

Use expert optimization

Don’t forget you can ask the Adsterra team to optimize your ads codes to better with your traffic. It’s especially useful if you’re getting traffic of high value and in high volume.


Sources I use

Talking about additional resources or programs,  I can say my SEO depends on Facebook mostly, since my traffic is coming 90% from social media particularly Facebook. I also use Semrush to search for particular keywords and see its density. 

Feel free to use any SEO-services to do your research and also explore some keywords analytic tools like Google Analytics or similar. It’ll help you follow the results and improve them.

Also, I’ve been using AI to generate content. What I usually do is after I get what is trending and check Facebook for “popular now” keywords, I gather all those keywords and I write a simple prompt for AI to generate content and make sure it includes all those keywords. AI blends those keywords into the content and makes it perfectly well, so the content will surely trend.


If you’re a new Publisher in Adsterra, I sincerely advise you to avoid any fraud or cheating. Believe me, you don’t need this: Adsterra has already closed every possible door of that thing so it’s just a waste of energy and time even in trying. This network only rewards high value human traffic, so in the first place just focus your attention on getting it. One more thing: do your best not to make a mistake of wrong ads placement, because that too will affect your earnings. 

Don’t know how to start? No worries, here are some guides on how to work with Social Bar and also Social Bar-related case study aaand one more inspiring story about Direct Link usage. Good luck!


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