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Self-Service Platform Release

by Adsterra Team

Good news for all media-buyers and direct advertisers! For those who need to promote their business, product or app.

Welcome Adsterra Self-Service Platform or Adsterra SSP that allows advertisers to launch, manage and analyze advertising campaigns without any assistance of Personal Manager.

Why use Adsterra SSP? The benefits are obvious, let’s just do a quick skim of the main features of SSP.

First, you don’t need any assistance to create your own campaigns; well it can surely economize your time and efforts, as well as your personal manager’s, actually, you won’t need one.

As you start your campaign you choose your general settings which include Pricing Type (at the moment SSP is available for CPM campaigns only), Geo (set up the location where you want to run your ads), Traffic type (Mainstream, Non-mainstream and All), Device format (Desktop or Mobile) and don’t forget to indicate Bids and Budget Limits to control your spends. You can easily stop at this point and start your campaign right on without further precisions! That is enough to strat. But you can continue to set up more options.


It’s no secret that to reach right audience with right ads you need to set up relevant targeting options. Adsterra allows you to target people by:  Operating System (whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux), Browser (Mozilla, Chrome, etc.), you can also choose language, day of the week, or even time range.


Another set of options is Cappings & limits.  You can set how many times you show your ads in a chosen period. You can also set your budget limits here.


Adding some placements to Blacklist can also improve your campaign!  If some of your placements don’t work well, you can add it to Blacklist to avoid unwanted traffic and to decrease your expenses.


Easy enough to start! And easy enough to continue! After your campaign is set, you can begin monitoring your performance. Tracking Conversions, CTR, Impressions, Clicks and Spends and making changes is essential for successful campaign. It is not as hard as it seems at first.

Well, let’s admit that SSP platform is simple, fast, and extremely flexible way to target the audience and get traffic. That’s why Adsterra has put all the forces to develop this platform. For this first version of SSP the Ad Formats is – popunders, but we’re aiming to get you a full stack of other ad formats.

Adsterra is sure, that with our customers’ help we will make one of the best SSP platforms ever! Tune up!

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