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Advanced Targeting Options for Affiliate Campaigns

by Adsterra Team

While creating your affiliate campaign, the most tricky and important thing to implement – is targeting. Targeting is the best way to precise the audience you want to show ads. Here you should be as accurate as possible.  Delivering ads to right people is the basic digital marketing idea. You can vary targeting in order to spread the name of the brand or to choose a small group of people who are you most certain customers.

So, what are the options for targeting at Adsterra?


GEO and Language Targeting is a fantastic way to focus your ad campaign on specific location and linguistic audience. The location is determined by the user’s IP and language comes from browser language.


Browser Targeting Ads appear depending on browser used by person to connect to a site, for example Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other browsers.


Operating System Desktop ads are used to target individuals who are using particular operating systems, such as Windows 8, Windows 10 MacOS Sierra or others.


Keywords Advertisements are displayed on websites that match a specific list of keywords in title, description or content. It’s one of the best ways to find the audience who is looking or interested in something particular.


Retargeting  –  this option reaches individuals who have already visited your site in order to convert them into paying customers or site members.


Frequency, Time and Budget Caps indicate the number of times an ad is displayed in a given period, specific hours and days of campaign performance and budget to spend.


Interests targeting.  It is also possible to target ads based on a person’s interests, which are assessed based on the person’s browsing history.


Knowing users` age and gender can also make a great deal because it allows you to show ads that are relevant to the audience.


Look Alike.  Target audiences similar to your established customers in matched by personal information, interests, and behavior.


Carrier or Wi-Fi is organized to show ads to people who are using specific mobile operator, or a Wi-Fi connection. Also ads can be shown up depending on the type of connection a person is using –  2G, 3G, or 4G (LTE).


Device-based and vendor targeting helps to show specific ads based on the type of mobile device that is being used to access the website.

Now you know which targeting options are available, it’s your turn to choose and create your superefficient affiliate campaign. Anyway, there is no trick on how to target perfectly for everybody, the best way is – to try and analyse, that’s it! For better performance of  your campaign you can also find useful tips in our blogpost.
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