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Sports Monetization: Maximizing Revenue with Sports Calendar For Publishers

by Maria Littera

There are literally thousands of sporting events each year, ranging from tiny local to worldwide. They attract hundreds of millions of online users via news announcements, sporting goods ads, live broadcasts, fan clubs of teams and players, and much more. All of these are opportunities for monetizing sports traffic, and, therefore, your potential earnings. Today on the agenda are features of monetization of sports traffic and a full calendar of sporting events. Let’s make sports traffic more clear and accessible together with Adsterra!

Sports calendar 2024 for your monetization

Major sports tournaments always trigger a traffic increase. This has been and will continue to be the case, even if you are not to use it to your advantage for monetization. However, if you want to monetize more effectively, remember: sports traffic is about millions of users. So this applies both directly to sports events and indirectly relevant activities. For example, sales of sporting goods. What does this mean? First of all, that the smart use of traffic bursts can be more useful for you than it seems at first glance.

The calendar that we have put together for you will help you not to miss all the major subtypes of sports events: from the largest football leagues to small tournaments. The calendar includes matches and championships taking place in 25+ countries. This means that GEO settings can also be significantly expanded so that you don’t miss a single crumb of traffic.

Advantages of using a sporting events calendar:

  • Literally a schedule of traffic bursts
  • Confident target for GEO and other parameters
  • Monetization all year round, because events constantly change one another.

Wanna monetize Sports and other traffic as efficiently as possible? In addition to the calendar and useful tips, we also offer a quick start with 1-minute moderation, high CTRs, a whole bunch of formats, and a unique Partner Care program.


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Top tips for monetization during sports events

Some things to consider:

  • SEO. Somewhat obvious, but worth mentioning: the majority of traffic still comes through search engines. The first page of Google stably maintains top positions, so go on striving for the highest results with the help of keywords etc.
  • Backlinks. Optimize your content and use high-quality backlinks for your website. In this regard, let us remind you that Adsterra is ready to provide.
  • Seasonality. A little more about optimization: Google Discover will help. Pay attention to content making for seasonal sports events: use high quality images, videos, and topics wisely to earn your place in the feed.
  • Stay tuned. The hype train will take you to the desired station with a lot of traffic. Keeping track of all the buzz is very important, especially for news portals.
  • Competition spirit. Sports is largely about clash of opinions; people love to discuss relevant topics. Therefore, be sure to play on this if your site allows for a discussion or at least an up/down vote.

Summing up some basics:

  • Follow the sports calendar. All done — all you have to do is use it. Be sure to match the GEO in the settings (we’re just saying).
  • We’ve got a newbie here? Chose the largest events for which there is enough content — this will make it easier for you to navigate. Are you ready to devote more effort? Choose narrower directions and more local events.
  • Work all around. In addition to the event itself, don’t forget about promotion before and after. This will help build the site’s reputation and set the stage for the future.
  • Optimize. You don’t have to be a ready sports expert, but it’s great to be an active researcher: this field does not tolerate outdated information. Mention key players, teams, events to remain credible.
  • Take care of technical issues. Be prepared for an increase in traffic: it’s vital for your website to cope with it.

As we have already mentioned, the GEOs in the calendar are very different, but the results are especially high for the USA, NG, Latin American countries, DOM, BG, BD, PH, and ZA.

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Ad formats for monetization of Sports traffic

Social Bar is ideal for sports traffic monetization: it’s interactive, comfortable, and exciting. It creates realistic content that will attract the attention of users. Can be used to describe an event or predict outcomes.

Banners are a timeless classic. The proven format is easy to use, and its variability simply has no limits. And thanks to the different sizes, the banner can be harmoniously placed on any platform.

Native advertising is your magic wand when it comes to sports traffic. Engage users with convincingly realistic content, avoid banner blindness, and get maximum traffic through separate promotional materials or direct links.

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Sports and iGaming traffic is a golden source, especially when used correctly. Considering the number of subsections in this area, it can be scary and unclear what to grab onto. Especially if you are a newbie.

In order not to spread yourself across many events, you can start with a large sub-niche, i.e. football or e-sports. More events = more information = perfect for immersion. In addition, large events mean fewer risks than in specific sports with a more narrow target audience. Although even them can be very perspective if worked over wisely and via fitting formats.

And of course, a reliable, experienced partner is essential, so joining a quality network is a wise move. Adsterra knows exactly how to handle iGaming and sports traffic, and our publishers appreciate it. Study successful cases of traffic monetization to see for yourself, and join us!


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