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Swipe It Right: Dating Traffic Insight Features

by Maria Littera

It’s easy to get lost in the variety of verticals and formats. That’s why it’s especially vital for us to share with you true stories of our partners’ work with different formats and in different niches. Today’s agenda is Dating: a vertical that has many prospects and at the same time raises questions among beginners. Use the experience of one of our loyal partners, who kindly shared his story and the results of different approaches to this niche.

Jaswinder Case Photo
Jaswinder Singh

In this case study, I will share my experience with promoting an offer on a traffic network and the significant success I achieved with Adsterra. This time, I obtained massive success by promoting a dating offer that allowed multi GEOs. Recognizing that Adsterra offered Facebook browser traffic, I focused solely on running it using that traffic source. Furthermore, I specifically targeted Android users. Initially, I started with one GEO, and upon receiving conversions, I expanded my campaigns to include other GEOs as well.

The other day, my account manager contacted me about a new promising dating offer. Excited by the opportunity, I decided to set up a new campaign on Adsterra for this dating offer, targeting the German market (DE). The payout ranged from $3 to $6, depending on factors like operating system and age. So here is how I gained all the practical experience to share in this case study. Find all the details below; hope it’ll be useful!

Campaign #1

  • Ad format: Popunder
  • Pricing type: CPM 
  • Total cost: $43.09
  • Earnings: $247.23
  • ROI: 474.42%.

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Additional info

  1. I decided to target dating traffic that uses the fb browser and it converted well.
  2. Dating offer with its soi/1 click mechanics.
  3. GEOs: started with IT and ES, then added UK, USA, AU.
  4. Mobiles (Android) only.
  5. I just used a recommended bid for some of GEOs that have low traffic volume.
  6. No prelander was used because the offer already had prelander.


Throughout the campaign, I closely monitored the performance and made optimizations as necessary. I paused campaigns that were not generating conversions for specific GEOs to focus resources on the most successful areas. Overall, this approach proved to be very successful, as demonstrated by the following key outcomes:

  1. Total Cost: The total cost of running the campaign amounted to $43.09. This cost encompassed the expenses associated with the ad impressions served through the Adsterra network.
  2. Earnings: The campaign generated earnings of $247.23, which is impressive for the taken start data. These earnings represent the revenue generated from the conversions achieved by promoting the dating offer.
  3. Return on Investment (ROI): The ROI is a crucial metric that assesses the profitability of the campaign. By calculating (Earnings — Total Cost)/Total Cost, we can determine the ROI. In this case, the ROI is 474.42%.

Campaign #2

  • GEO: DE
  • Formats: Social Bar, Popup
  • Payout: $3 to $6, depending on operating system and age. 

For the next campaigns, I chose the SmartCPM bidding model and used Social Bar and Popup ad formats. I’ve made creatives in the local language to appeal to the target audience. 

I configured this campaign differently in my tracker, using two campaigns: one to track costs and small conversions from backup offers like backbuttons, time out redirect script. The 2nd campaign used a link on my prelander as a CTA button and collected data and conversions for the main offer. The below image data is from the main offer, tracking conversions from the main offer.


April results:

  • Visits: 7,134
  • Conversions: 344
  • Revenue: $45.190
  • Profit: $45.190

The below image shows data for backup or backbutton conversions and my landing page data. I used my own prelander for this offer, hence I set up two campaigns in my tracker. The main campaign data is in the below image, and I used the above mentioned campaign in my tracker as a CTA button link on my prelander.



Despite some technical setbacks, the dating campaigns on Adsterra showed potential. The initial campaign for the German market yielded some profit but was hindered by external issues. The subsequent campaign for a different GEO showed significant profitability. The additional data from backup offers and the prelander highlighted areas for improvement in cost management.

Through careful optimization and focusing on successful GEOs, I maximized the effectiveness of the campaign. The provided data and attached screenshots illustrate the progress and outcomes of the campaign, serving as evidence of the success achieved with Adsterra. Overall, the campaigns demonstrated that with the right strategy and adjustments, Adsterra can be a valuable platform both for dating and social traffic.

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