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Adsterra’s Festival of Spring and Profits: Get 5% Cash Back on Your Ad Spending

by Olly V
Adsterra's Festival of Spring 2023

Have you been missing Adsterra profit challenges? We bet you have! So here we are, with a new marathon for advertisers, where everyone can get a nice portion of cash back if they first cash in on traffic 🙂 This time, it’ll be the Adsterra’s Festival of Spring, which will be dedicated to a brim of fantastic Indian holidays — Holi, Ugadi, Sarhul, and Ram Navami. Let’s celebrate beauty together and call for enormous profits!

Dates: March 8 — April 5, 2023
Participants: all who have registered as advertisers and met the Festival’s rules
Beneficiaries: all Adsterra advertisers who will comply with the Festival’s rules
Traffic: India


Why join The Adsterra’s Festival of Spring and profits

As an advertiser, this is your chance to tap into the vibrant Indian market. It’s the season when Indian traffic will reward you with benevolent clicks and conversions. Last year only, Holi sales rose to 30%, with e-shopping platforms notably claiming blockbuster sales in spring.

The whole month will be dedicated to welcoming the awakening of beauty. Indians are very enthusiastic about the spring season, so you can be sure to find your audience if you’re offering any great deals and bargains. 

How to take part and get cash back

Adsterra welcomes all our advertisers — both new and active — who work on a prepayment model. But the conditions will differ for active advertisers who already work with Adsterra Indian traffic and those who don’t. So please read the next part carefully.

For those who haven’t bought Indian traffic from Adsterra yet

  1. Spend $1000+ on campaigns targeting India during the Festival of Spring (Mar 8 — Apr 5, 2023)
  2. Get 5% cash back on your spending, up to a maximum of $500.

For those who had campaigns targeting India in February

  1. Increase your ad spending by 20% compared to your February spending, provided it was more than $1,000. 
  2. Get 5% cash-back on the difference in your expenses between the Festival period and February, up to a maximum of $1,000.

1. This challenge is only valid for advertisers on prepayment terms.
2. Your cash back will be added to your account two weeks after the end of the Festival, which ends on April 5th, 2023. 

The spring season is a true sensation in India, so it’s your best time to tap into this market or enhance the outcomes of your earlier campaigns. Join the Adsterra Festival of Spring and use this opportunity to add cash back to your balance!

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