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Let’s Meet at Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023, Where Tech Features Become Benefits

by Adsterra Team
Adsterra expert at Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023

If you’re a marketer searching for game-changing solutions, there’s a place where you can find 99% of those. The Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023 conference is a hub for all digital trends. It brings together top minds in marketing, technology, and media to share insights and trends shaping the industry. 

With over 6,000 attendees, 120+ speakers, and 80+ exhibitors, it’s the must-see event those wanting to stay at the forefront of digital marketing. Adsterra’s Key Account Manager in India, Priyancaa Jain, will participate in this amazing event and unveil new advertising features and monetization opportunities.

Dates: March 15–16, 2023
Venue: Leela Ambience, Gurgaon, Haryana

Key benefits of attending Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023

One of the core reasons to attend Ad:Tech New Delhi is the opportunity to network with other marketing professionals. With numerous decision-makers, you will surely meet people who can help you take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking for new partnerships or ideas, you’re bound to find them here.

Another key benefit of attending Ad:Tech New Delhi is the chance to hear from some of the brightest practitioners. With over 120 speakers covering a wide array of topics, you’ll learn about the latest trends and techniques driving success in digital marketing. You’ll also get to hear about new and disruptive technologies that are changing the game for marketers everywhere.

Finally, Ad:Tech New Delhi is an excellent opportunity to see the latest products and services from the top companies in the industry. With over 80 exhibitors showcasing their services, you’ll get a chance to see how new technology can help you improve your marketing efforts.

So mark your calendar and prepare a list of questions you want to ask Adsterra. Let’s collaborate and take our businesses to the next level!

What you will learn from the Business Program

Here are some important reasons you should attend the Business Program at Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023. We’ve made a rundown of only six keynote presentations. Take a look at the super-intense agenda, for you will find lots of thought-provoking topics!

Advertise fearlessly

In today’s digital world, ad fraud is a growing problem. Some estimated $100 billion to be wasted due to ad fraud by the end of 2023. Attend the speech on how mFilterit is helping to bridge the gap of trust in the digital ecosystem, enabling advertisers to advertise fearlessly.

Get a better grip on martech

Get a better grip on martech: With the rise of tech platforms and features happening at a fast pace, it can be challenging for marketers to balance efficiency with agility and resilience. Attend the speech on how marketers can get a better grip on martech and learn how to simplify it, focus on integration, and provide demonstrable benefits and ROI.

Shape the future of identity online

Shape the future of identity online: Attend the speech on Web 3.0, which is shaping the future of identity online. Learn about the implications of Web3 adoption in other technologies like AI and machine learning, and discover user-friendly ways of using the correct data is shared in the proper contexts.

Discover the power of micro-influencers

Attend the speech on the Big Micro Advantage and discover the evolving niche of micro-influencers. They are now redefining how we market and sell products and services. Learn how AnyTag — AnyMind’s specialized Influencer Marketing platform — enable brands to manage, track, and attribute influencer marketing campaigns. The Platform operates in real time providing insights for social media opportunities.

Gain insights into the Open Internet

Attend the speech about the future of advertising powered by the Open Internet. Learn about this essential concept that can help you reach more than 660 million Indian consumers. Discover why the OI is essential for advertisers, how Indian consumers engage with it, and how they engage with ads compared to walled gardens.

Leverage Fintech platforms

Attend the panel discussion on how brands can use Fintech platforms to drive business profits and tap into a whole new world of advertising solutions.

With around 350 million online transacting users in India, Fintech platforms can provide more accurate targeting capabilities than ever before. They allow you to craft messaging that resonates deeply with your target customers and drive conversions.

It’s time to book a meeting at Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023

Summarizing all said above, attending the Ad:Tech New Delhi conference can help you stay ahead of the curve and discover innovative ways to drive conversions. Take advantage of this opportunity to network, and remember to book a meeting with Adsterra expert Priyancaa Jain.

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