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Direct Link Ads 2.0: Boost Earnings With an Updated Smart Link

by Olly V

Adsterra has rolled out an advanced version of Direct Link ads. The updated direct URLs will match ad offers with your traffic type much better. They also include exclusive and highly paid offers. Ensure to uprgade your monetization strategy today!

Direct Link ads are the best alternative to display advertising or Popunder if you don’t have a website or need to enhance your site with additional income source. For example, you have already placeed several banners and seek for a less intrusive and simple monetization solution. The format is a direct URL you can put anywhere, from website texts to Android apps. So how does it all work?

  1. You get a line of code (a simple direct URL) from Adsterra and put it anywhere on a website or a platform you monetize with. 
  2. When a user clicks the Link, Adsterra AI algorithms select an ad most likely to appeal to the user. This will also be the highest-paid ad possible.
  3. You get paid when users view ads (CPM) and when they convert (CPA). Since we match ad offers with your users’ preferences, they’re more likely to convert and boost your earnings (eCPM soars!)
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1️⃣ Log in to your Publisher’s account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up and confirm your email (by clicking the link we’ll send you after you enter all details in the signup form).

2️⃣ In your account, click the Direct Links tab from the left. Then, hit CREATE DIRECT LINK.

How to add Adsterra Direct Link

A new window pops up. Сhoose the category of your Link (or traffic type you will going to send us). Click ADD. Your URL is about to be generated!


3️⃣ Check if your Link is active From the Direct Links tab. If so, click the Copy icon. And now comes the most crucial part.


4️⃣ You still don’t have a Smart Link 2.0, so don’t use it for now. You now need to convert a simple Direct Link into the upgraded Smart Link 2.0!

From your account, drop a message to our support team in the live chat (the icon in the down-right corner) or contact your manager requesting a Smart Link. They will help you out.

5️⃣ Wait till the Adsterra team finishes setting up your Smart Link and place the code on your website or other platform you make money with.

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Direct Link ads are represented by a simple URL, and you can place it anywhere where lots of users can click it. This universal format works perfectly on HTML sites, as well as on WordPress and Blogger web pages. You only need to open the page in the editor you’re using, select a piece of text and choose the ADD LINK option. Here are some most-used places to put the ad code.

  • A piece of text on your website that will ne noticeable;
  • Images or GIFs;
  • Buttons;
  • 404 page;
  • Social media posts if allowed by your platform (for instance, Facebook can ban such activities, so don’t risk if you’re a newbie)
  • Your Android app or APK file.
  • Landing pages you create specifically for driving traffic.
    * This last way is widely used by publishers who earn from social media traffic from it.
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Adsterra has been serving quality ad offers to its publishers for over a decade. We provide competitive CPM rates along with professional support to every partner. With over $85 million yearly payouts, Adsterra can be considered one of the best platforms to grow your business.

Anyway, entrepreneurs should use every opportunity to diversify their income sources. So why not try? You only need to generate a new URL and then ask your manager to convert it into the updated Smart Link 2.0!

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