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Case Study: Mainstream Binary, Mexico

by Adsterra Team

Disclaimer: This case study is provided by one of our partners. All views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Adsterra

Warmest thanks to our partner @Okwi for creating the story and sharing his insights.

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Traffic: Push Notifications
Affiliate program: Olavivo
Offer: Mainstream Binary
Campaign period: 08/10/2019 – 08/30/2019
GEO: Mexico (MX)
Spent: $308
Revenue: $600
Net profit: $292
ROI: 94%

GEO and traffic source selection

First of all, you need to understand what goals you are pursuing; in this case, it is cheap traffic, high volumes, and low competition. That is why I chose Mexico as the target. The choice may seem strange, but I took the idea from the cases of other people with similar offers.
To get the volumes of Push traffic you need, you should apply to a network that has enough traffic for the chosen country. In this case, I picked the Adsterra network as it has the most extensive geo coverage, a wide selection of targets, the possibility to exclude unnecessary targets, flexible parameter settings and great support. Strong support is the most critical point to me because I had an unpleasant experience before.

Offer selection

Here you start from choosing the right affiliate program for your needs; in this case, I selected Olavivo because they have a wide range of binary offers, and some of the offers suit me perfectly.
If you don’t have insider stats for an offer, you should contact your manager; they will always direct you to the right track and help you find the most profitable options.

The landing page for the offer I chose:



Initially, I decided to create a campaign targeting a high level of user activity. But after some time, the manager contacted me and offered to put traffic on all activity categories, because this increases the number of clicks significantly. Based on Adsterra statistics, with my original plan, I would get 933 clicks per day, but after the manager’s advice and change the settings, I would get 1965 clicks per day. Can you feel the difference? :)) I chose the CPC payment model as it was most suitable for me, especially on Adsterra, with their very friendly minimal bid.


I built several creatives for testing:


The title and description for the creatives should contain the most pleasing to the eye phrases that provoke the user to click and convert. The emphasis is on getting rich quick, instant wealth, and money. Based on my experience, this strategy is the most effective.

It is essential to remember the language spoken in a particular country. I launch the campaign for Mexico, so in our case, this is Spanish. This means we open an online translator and adapt the phrases into Spanish.

Title: “Make Money Without Leaving Home”
Description: “Click and find out how to earn from $ 1000 per day!”

Title: “How to make money in one day?”
Description: “First money is already waiting for you!”

In Spanish it is:

Title: “Ganar dinero sin salir de casa”
Description: “¡Haz clic y descubre cómo ganar desde $ 1000 por día!”

Title: “¿Cómo ganar dinero en un día?”
Description: “¡El primer dinero ya te está esperando!”

Sounds cool, huh?

The more colorful the title, description, and creative, the more likely it is that the user will click on the banner. Next, it’s a matter of technique, and the relevance between the banner and the landing page matters the most, so the banner has to be relevant to the topic. My challenge is to stimulate the user to convert on the landing page, as I get my payment for registration and the first deposit. The creatives above showed excellent results, as they are relevant and catchy.


Stage 1 (User activity)

As I have mentioned earlier, I wanted to make maximum profits, so I aimed at users with high activity, but this was my mistake. After some time, my manager contacted me and suggested to increase the amount of traffic by adding all user freshnesses. This tiny improvement helped me to increase the influx of impressions and clicks significantly (see the numbers above).

Stage 2 (Raising the bid)

Then I turned to more detailed statistics. I was not satisfied with the number of conversions, which affected my ROI drastically, so I decided to raise the bids. The response was instant: the next day, I received 2.5 times more impressions, 2 times more clicks, and the number of conversions increased 4 times.

⚠️ Do not forget to blacklist the non-converting placements; keeping them is a giant waste of money.


I hasten to say that I took a passive strategy. The results of the initial tests satisfied me completely, so after raising the bid, I pulled away and left everything as it is.
I did not limit the frequency of impressions, because to me it makes no sense here.

My settings:

Language: Spanish
Device format: Mobile
Operating system: Android
Bid: initially, I wanted to start at $ 0.010, but the manager advised me to raise a little for the best result
Bid after optimization and manager’s advice: $ 0.015


On August 19, I decided to lower the bid to $ 0.010 as I originally wanted, but this spoiled the statistics, as you can see on the screenshot below. On August 30, I stopped the campaign, as it went negative, and conversions went down.

Spent: 308 $
Revenue: $600
Net profit: $292
ROI: 94%


This campaign can be considered a success; I am satisfied with the number of conversions: I got even a bit more than I expected.

Low competition, active use of blacklists & testing, testing, testing — this is a guaranteed strategy to bring great results. Take your time, consult with your manager, and keep an eye on campaign statistics; it is better to spend your time on thorough testing to make sure that everything goes right than to waste your whole budget.

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