Drive More High-Quality Conversions
with Adsterra Video Ads

Discover all opportunities of the most eye-catching format. VAST/VPAID video ads by Adsterra run on all players both on desktop and mobile devices, which makes them attractive for advertisers and publishers. This format drives millions of impressions daily while producing the longest eye contact.

Drive More High-Quality Conversions with Adsterra Video Ad
What are Video Ads and how do they work?
What are Video Ads
and how do they work?

Pre-roll ads help meet the most engaged audience by showing them short videos before they proceed with the general content. An advertising video lasts up to 30 seconds and delivers high conversion rates, for users are already determined to watch the following content.

With Adsterra, you can profit from all types of video ads on desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Instream videos
Instream videos

Top-choice for better targeting. These ads run inside the player before the main content and convert like no other.

Outstream videos
Outstream videos

Outstream autoplay videos cost less as they are put inside empty players outside the main visibility area.

Advantages of launching video ad
with Adsterra

Global reach,
Tier 1 to Tier 3

requirements fully compliant formats

A larger volume of traffic because Adsterra video ads go along with all players

All formats accepted: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV & FLV

Which verticals benefit
more from video advertising
Gambling and Betting
Gambling and Betting

Create tension with inspiring video stories. Prompt users to take a chance in your online casino by exposing lucky winners. Use exciting video trailers when promoting UFC fights and sports matches.

Software and Browser Add-Ons
Software and Browser Add-Ons

Video ads make products tangible. A helpful add-on, cleaner or graphic suite’s advertisement converts twice better when overviewed in video format.

Games and Apps
Games and Apps

One look worth a thousand words. Show what’s inside your mobile app or immerse users into the atmosphere of the game.


Promote Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sale with the best-selling gadgets listed, or preview a secret contest with rewards.


A brief overview of a dating platform will allow users to get familiar with the service and convince them to register.


Attract only those who are video-addicted by promoting your streaming services and offering freemium subscription.

How to buy CPC, CPM, and CPA Adsterra video ads

You can buy traffic with CPM, CPC, CPI, and CPA pricing models (only managed).

For global promotion, it’s worth relying on the CPM model. With lower bids, you can test various GEOs and settings to target on the best converting. Choose CPC to promote products with a transparent flow and clear usage so to pay only for truly interested users.

CPA pricing for video ads is better when you work with purchase-oriented offers. For direct advertisers, this pricing is more transparent.

Top services for advertisers and publishers running video ads

    Our expert managers successfully handle the most challenging campaigns. You can address them when you need to assess the current market state and come up with ad creatives


    Our direct advertisers can apply for creatives’ design. Adsterra Design Studio provides you with pre-designed templates that have proved to convert on your vertical or create all visuals from scratch.

  • Retargeting<br />& RTB algorithms
    & RTB algorithms

    Optimize your budgets with automatic auctions for traffic (RTB). Return those prewarmed leads who haven’t converted instantly with our retargeting pixel.

  • API & Conversion<br />tracking
    API & Conversion

    Use API to export data & statistics. Add your Voluum, Binom, Cake or other tracker to control all CPA conversions.

  • Live support and dedicated<br />managers
    Live support and dedicated

    Our multilingual managers assist in campaigns launch and advise on creatives, sources whitelists, and top performing offers.

Why join Adsterra
  • 248GEOs
    Global coverage, advertisers and
    publishers from all Tiers
  • 30BN+
    Average number of
    monthly impressions
  • 18K+
    Direct publishers with
    genuine WW traffic
  • 20K+
    Over 20K campaigns
    run simultaneously
  • 3-level security:
    anti-fraud and anti-malware
  • Anti-Adblock
  • ~100%
    Near-100% fill rates for
  • 100%
    Unique, quality traffic
    from mobile and desktop
How to launch a video ad campaign
Adsterra video ads campaigns are fully managed. But this only means that you are offered guidance and advice from your dedicated manager in live chat, skype, or via email. We tailor each campaign to match your offers with relevant traffic.
Sign in or register as an advertiser
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Flexible pricing
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$5 minimum payout
15NET payments
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