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A game-changing advertising network for media buyers and affiliates looking for alternative traffic sources to connect their offers to highly engaged audiences.

Adsterra Benefits for Advertisers

Who benefits from Adsterra advertising solutions


Unlock fresh, purchase-ready audiences you wouldn’t find on mainstream networks. Discover new markets to expand your brand presence. Get insights into the best local and global ad strategies from Adsterra expert managers.


Shake off the stress of meeting KPIs. Drive high-volume traffic with predictable, quality conversions and leads. Scale and optimize ad campaigns flawlessly in the most cost-effective way. Apply ad automation tools to spend less on traffic while reducing time spent on campaign management.

Affiliate teams

Add a battle-tested, powerful traffic source to your arsenal. Stay profitable by acquiring top-quality conversions and increasing your payouts.

If these are CPA offers you’re looking for, then Adsterra CPA Network is your first choice. 

DSPs and SSPs

Advance your media-buying toolkit by using Adsterra Premium Traffic Reselling solutions. Integrate with us as an SSP or DSP partner and profit from high-intent audiences and A-class ad feed with no remnant impressions allowed.

For DSP platforms For SSP platforms

Connect with target audiences ready to engage with your offers

Best-matching traffic sources

Adsterra partners with over 28K direct publishers who send 32B+ ad views monthly. We offer exclusive traffic platforms that perfectly match iGaming, E-commerce, Apps, Utility, Software, and Entertainment verticals.
In addition, you can apply for premium RTB traffic served by highly reputable SSP platforms.

Best-matching traffic sources
Powerful business space

Powerful business space

The Adsterra Self-Serve Platform is ideal for people who want to purchase traffic without the help of a manager. You'll have access to a range of targeting options, competitive intelligence, and ad optimization tools, which will help you improve your campaigns and increase conversions.

More about the Self-Serve Platform

Budget-saving tools 

Spend less buying CPM/CPC traffic and setting rules to optimize it by eCPA or conversions (CPA Goal). Add automated bidding to your ad strategy, allowing Smart CPM to find the best-converting placements at the fairest price.

Budget-saving tools 

Choose the most effective way to deliver your message

Social Bar
In-Page Push

2.5B+ ad views weekly

CPM, CPA traffic

Use cases
  • Enter a new market
  • Run a global-reach campaign
  • Increase the number of deposits
  • Attract users to a seasonal sale
  • Increase brand awareness
  • High-volume traffic from all geos, including LatAm and Asia
  • Best practices for landing pages available on demand
  • Unique placements for your vertical
Adsterra Popunder

Ads open in a new tab after a user clicks anywhere on a website

Join pros who make 1.34B conversions per year

We do care about your business growth

3-level security
3-level security

In-house anti-fraud and anti-malware solutions ensure you get pure traffic from selected traffic sources

20+ targeting settings
20+ targeting settings

With granular targeting options, you achieve the utmost precision of traffic tests and reach out to the most engaged users

Smart bidding
Smart bidding

You literally spend less with ad automation tools. Save time on adjusting bids and unwanted placements while focusing on top performers

Traffic estimation
Traffic estimation

Use built-in tools for evaluating competitors’ bids and in-network traffic volumes within your targets

Expert Partner Care
Expert Partner Care

Whichever market you're tapping into, you always get professional support and advice from ad-tech experts with vertical-specific knowledge

Advanced tracking
Advanced tracking

Stretch your campaign monitoring to a new limit by adding a conversion tracker. Pull all necessary parameters needed to make strategic decisions

Reliable payment systems for advertisers

  • WIRETransfer
  • UnionPay
  • Capitalist
  • VISA, Mastercard
  • Paxum

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Partnerships that you can profit from

Adsterra is proud of partnering with the most influential ad-tech media, forums, and platforms. Some of our long-term connections resulted in exclusive offers you, as the Adsterra advertiser, can benefit from. Just open the Freebies and Bonuses tab to unlock promo codes, bonuses, and discounts delivered by market leaders.