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Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page Effectively

by Adsterra Team


Is it possible to imagine modern life without social media? Just a few years ago the answer would be yes – but now there’s no hiding from it. Facebook is one of the companies at the top of the Social Media hierarchy. It has 1.86 billion active monthly users and this number is constantly increasing. If you know what you’re doing, this can provide a huge number of opportunities for monetizing your Facebook page.

The first thing you need to do is to increase traffic to your Facebook page. There are three main strategies that will help you to attract new followers:

1. Post at least 3-4 times per week. 
When current or potential followers see a constant flow of new information, the page feels active and alive. If a Facebook page has not posted anything for a while, it suggests a lack of care about the page and its followers and it’s unlikely to win new followers. By contrast, if a user opens a page and sees that new information is posted frequently, they will feel engaged. The more followers you have, the more potential customers, but don’t forget that this isn’t a substitute for quality posting. It’s important to post relevant material and not risk irritating and losing followers through useless or unrelated content.

2. Encourage engagement with your page. 
Engagement on Facebook isn’t only about likes. You should also encourage users to share your posts, comment, and tag friends. Research show that users are more likely to trust their friends’ posts and recommendations rather than posts made by someone else. Therefore, encouraging word of mouth will not only increase subscriptions, but will also positively influence users’ trust.

3. Educate your followers.
Making some of your posts useful and informative will also help to get more traffic and grow a loyal following. People will perceive your page as a resource where they can find useful and educational information. If a Facebook page has nothing but adverts, people will quickly lose interest.

Once you start getting a following, you can look at monetizing your page. Adsterra has some tips that will help you with this.

To monetize your Facebook page, you can make deals with companies who want to promote their products on your page – though it can take time for companies to know that your page is open to advertising. Usually companies choose pages with an audience relevant to their marketing needs.

To speed up this process, your page can join an advertising network, which connects advertisers with websites and Facebook pages that want to host adverts. Ad Network Adsterra is such a network and will help you to monetize Facebook in the most efficient and profitable way. Become an Adsterra Publisher and start earning money with your Facebook page. It’s as simple as that.

To sum up – make new posts 3-4 times a week, ensure engagement on your page, and educate your followers. When you get enough traffic, you can start monetizing your Facebook page. Find and cooperate with those who want to promote their product on your page. And finally, use advertising networks that will help you to monetize your page effectively and effortlessly.

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