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How Adsterra Works | A Product Tour for Advertisers and Affiliates

by Adsterra Team
How Adsterra works video guide

When learning a foreign language, you progress step by step. When running ad campaigns, you need a shorter path to become an advanced pro. Today, you will walk exactly this path. You will learn how Adsterra works, which means reaching out to all possible means of enhancing CR and cutting down costs simultaneously.

If you’re familiar with the platform or just intending to sign up as an advertiser, you’ll find tons of insights in this special onboarding. The Adsterra CMO, Gala G., performs a complete product video tour. Gala will lead you to a flawless campaign setup, from pricing models to ad formats, from top verticals to actionable tips for shooting campaigns on any type of offer.

Why watch how Adsterra works?

The guide brings to the forefront all the key settings you need to run a successful campaign. It will save you hours, if not days, of research. Instead of barefoot wandering around all these tabs, lists, and settings, you will fast forward from basics to advanced vertical-related adjustments.

It won’t be a boastful video stating Adsterra’s advantages. It’ll be your manual for getting answers to hows and whens:

  1. The A to Z advertising campaign setup: from choosing a pricing model to basic targeting.
  2. Valuable checklists for running CPC, CPM, and CPA campaigns.
  3. Tips for pre-launch test campaigns.
  4. Vertical-specific recommendations: Utility/VPN, Finance, iGaming, Dating, Software, Shops, and other offers.

Who is the product tour for?

  • Direct advertisers or product owners
  • Agencies
  • Affiliate marketers and affiliate teams
  • Media buyers

Use time codes to navigate the “How Adsterra Works” video

  • 00:00 Welcome to Adsterra!
  • 00:32 Find more useful information by this QR-code
  • 00:51 What is Adsterra?
  • 01:38 Pricing models and top verticals
  • 02:02 Adsterra CPA
  • 02:24 Ad formats
  • 03:03 Social Bar examples
  • 04:19 Popunders
  • 04:49 Native Ads
  • 05:06 Video Ads
  • 05:20 Banner Ads
  • 05:32 Your first ad campaign in Adsterra
  • 05:36 Self-serve vs Managed campaigns
  • 06:54 Postback setting
  • 08:08 Freebies and bonuses
  • 09:20 Campaign setting
  • 14:18 Tips to start your test
  • 17:47 Useful tips to boost your traffic
  • 20:25 Tips for specific verticals
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