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[Updated Guide] How to Advertise Cryptocurrency and Binary Options in 2022

by Adsterra Team
How to advertise crypto products

It would be hard to find a person that has never heard about cryptocurrency (mostly thanks to Bitcoin and Dogecoin) and binary options. With a constant rise in numbers of blockchain wallet users (more than 80 million in the beginning of 2022), the target audience in the field is growing and evolving as well. In this article, we review how to promote cryptocurrency and binary options online in 2022. And to arm you with practical tips, we added a special bonus: top-15 tips on how to advertise cryptocurrency & binary products on Adsterra traffic.

Time to generate tons of leads without overspending!


Why focus on advertising cryptocurrency and binary options?

1. Active market

The crypto market is incredibly active. The 30-day-average of daily Bitcoin transactions is around 250,000, and Ethereum has recently had an all-time high number of daily transactions at 1.23 million.

Stats for Ethereum transactions
Ethereum transactions per day - by YCHARTS.COM
Crypto transactions stats
Bitcoin transactions per day - by Blockchain.com

2. Rapid growth

Since the boom of Bitcoin in 2017, the field as a whole has seen rapid growth. Right now is a time of heightened interest in the topic as well since Bitcoin has been smashing a record day in and day out, hitting a price of more than $60,000.

3. Not as many affiliates as it may seem

Another benefit of advertising cryptocurrency is that there are not as many pro affiliates in the field. This has resulted in crypto and binary having a better reputation than other get-rich-quick schemes, like Forex or iGaming.

4. Multiple advertising channels

Crypto and binary target audiences are highly specific, making it both easier and harder to advertise for them. The benefit of digital marketing for cryptocurrency is that there are multiple channels and strategies you can employ to finally succeed. And you’re about to learn the most trending ones.

Attributes of the cryptocurrency target audience

So, what is so special about the cryptocurrency target audience? Let’s review their most defining features and how they impact the crypto marketing strategy.

1. Modern, tech-aware users

The barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency market requires the users to have a certain understanding of how modern technology works. Moreover, the crypto and binary audience usually consists of fearless early adopters. So, you can display certain proficiency to connect with the audience for a successful cryptocurrency marketing strategy.

2. Embrace trends like decentralization

You can expect the crypto and binary-interested audience to go against the flow. One of the best examples of this is their embrace of decentralization. While the whole world relies on centralized and controlled financial institutions, crypto users have rejected the system and accepted the new way, trying to bring the control back to the consumers.

3. Millennials from developed countries

If you paint a picture of the average crypto and binary user, you would probably get a millennial male from a developed country looking for ways to get rich and have money for investment. However, Tier 2 and 3 countries have also quickly started to adopt crypto, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to this user model in your marketing strategies for cryptocurrency.

4. Demand for real value

In the early days of blockchain and crypto, there were a lot of use cases that died down or failed entirely. That’s why now the crypto audience is much more careful and distrustful about new projects. This is why the answer to how to advertise cryptocurrency successfully is to present the real value of the project.

Cryptocurrency marketing strategy: what’s trending

An essential part of the question of how to promote crypto offers is where to advertise them. To succeed, you need to be prepared for multi-channel communication. While driving traffic, you should invest both in traditional ads and in the next-gen channels:

Social media bitcoin communities

Social media is a part of almost every facet of our life. While Facebook bans cryptocurrency advertisement, other social media platforms (like Twitter and Reddit) do not. Make sure you offer unique quality content that attracts users. One of the most popular forms of content delivery is a blog of a successful person in the field.

Native contextual advertising

Contextual ads are important as they attract interested users. Google Ads are a popular option for that. Try using low-frequency but still relevant keywords to use this traffic. However, it has its limitations, as such ads can be prohibited in certain locations. Make sure your offer or product complies with all regulations stated by Google.

Cryptocurrency advertising regulations by Google

Thematic websites

Another way to get high-quality traffic is to buy direct or contextual ads on websites related to crypto and binary topics in some way. Financial and economic websites are among your best bets to get involved users on your side.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging through Telegram or active participation in forums in relevant communities on Reddit or Quora may bring you quality traffic as well. At the very least, you’ll be able to guarantee some sort of brand awareness.

Advertising networks

It’s no secret that after Bitcoin spiked, hundreds of blockchain platforms rushed to advertise their products. Global ad networks like Adsterra were among the first channels to expose those offers. Massive traffic, versatile targeting, native ad formats, built-in templates for Push Ads are points that make online crypto marketing with Adsterra more than successful. But just like with Google contextual ads, you need to be skilled up to target properly and not overspend. Crypto offers and products are quite tough in getting real conversions if you don’t have a cheat sheet for a smooth start. Optimization experts at Adsterra have prepared it for you. Next, we will list top tips for a safer and beneficial crypto campaign launch.

15 tips on how to advertise Cryptocurrency products and offers with Adsterra traffic

The Adsterra optimization team is here to walk you through common issues making your crypto campaign set-up flawless.


  1. Choose the CPM pricing model for campaigns with a longer conversion flow: deposit, double deposit, CC submit, etc.
    Go for the CPA pricing model when your offer supposes a shorter conversion flow: SOI, DOI, trial, install, sign-in with no deposit, etc.

  2. Get ready for the long-run tests as complex conversions (e.g., deposits) don’t come fast. So, be careful not to spend all your funds in the first couple of days.

  3. If the conversion flow includes phone calls, coordinate your campaign dayparting with the call-center work hours (it is better to ask your advertiser).

  4. Prelanders are extremely important in leads’ prewarming, so don’t ignore them. Adplexity or similar platforms store a large number of prelanders; use their insights without reinventing the wheel.


  1. When exploring new ad networks or traffic sources, start with Popunder ads. First, they’re cost-effective. And second, they don’t demand creatives. Traffic volume for Popunders is about 2BN impressions weekly. Animated Social Bar ads are your next top choice.

  2. Start your test campaign with a minimum recommended bid. Don’t try to outrun the market by setting the highest bid possible.

  3. When on the start, set wider targets, avoiding over-optimization.

  4. Try NOT to create multi-geo campaigns; the rule of thumb is to submit a separate campaign for each GEO in your target.

  5. Even when you have whitelists or blacklists with traffic sources for your vertical, put them off and test the neat, unfiltered traffic.
  6. Add tracking tags (#PLACEMENT_ID) to the landing page URL; they will show which traffic sources are streaming more conversions.


  1. Sources that send massive traffic can eat your funds quite fast. Consider separating them into another campaign where you will easily control spendings. Decrease your bid if needed. Streaming platforms will drive you loads of impressions during major sports and gaming events. Consider splitting them off from your primary campaign and decrease the bid.
  2. Consider adding alternative traffic types. For instance, iGaming and Finance content is willingly consumed by non-mainstream websites’ users (dating, video streaming, anime).
  3. Make a list of promos, landers, visuals, and headings that your advertiser uses. That’ll save time on making your own creative and maintain consistency in messages.
  4. If you pick a GEO with fewer impressions that you expected, check all ad formats. Usually, you can find the “missing” traffic there.
  5. Stay in touch with Adsterra managers. They can advise you on the payouts amount and bidding tactics, as well as share the most successful offers rotating on the Network. You can always ask for:
    • Your targeting check-up;
    • Bidding strategy advice;
    • Rates for whitelists;
    • Tips for campaign optimization;
    • Blacklist compilation;
    • Split-testing (your prelanders and ours);
    • Assistance with ad creatives.

A real-life сase of advertising cryptocurrency

Mainstream Cryptocurrency DOI (with Social Bar ads)

GEO: Russia
Costs: $158
Income: $580.88
Profit: $422.88
ROI: 267.65%

The offer in this GEO has been discovered to have a large amount of inexpensive traffic. The campaign focused on mobile devices, as they’ve performed better. With a success story prelander, Adsterra in-page push and chat bubble ads have been used to achieve high conversion and ROI.

5 hints about running crypto and binary campaigns

1. Offer value, not hype

Experts encourage you to remember the audience you’re dealing with. They are familiar with the industry and usually don’t follow trends and empty promises. Projects with real value and successful use cases are more attractive to them than anything else.

2. Analyze your audience

To find out what works and what does not in your particular case, you need to see it for yourself. Even the most proven and reliable creatives might not attract your particular target due to GEO’s specifics or other factors. Test and analyze your every step to succeed.

3. Turn your fans into brand advocates

To make your campaign even more successful, encourage users to share their experiences. If you build your brand image and make the client journey simple and easy to follow, there is no reason for them not to bring their like-minded friends to you as well.

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel

If you’re looking for a particular GEO or specific crypto or binary offer, ask someone who already knows what works. Don’t spend time and resources finding out what is already well-known; it is not efficient and will not benefit you. Make sure you’ve interrogated your account manager as if you were a detective  😉

5. Be patient weeding out the traffic 

Binary and crypto traffic is often large in volume but quite demanding for lead generation. However, among that you need to find real conversions — people who have money to invest or entrepreneurs that are willing to risk it. So, don’t be intimidated, but rather be patient by slowly weeding out the traffic and raising the bids accordingly.

Final thoughts

A lot of crypto and binary affiliate offers are high-paying, and right now, there are many options on the market for you to choose from. If you learn how to promote binary option and cryptocurrency, you can create a steady revenue stream.

While the field requires a lot of investment early on, you need to make sure you do it properly. You can easily spend all your budget in a couple of days without gaining any meaningful feedback from the audience. Start off with offers that require simpler steps for conversion, like SOI or DOI. It is better to go for the CPM pricing and test traffic slice by slice until you come up with a perfect bid-performance balance. 

If you want to maximize your ROI, use highly intelligent tools like Custom Bid and Traffic Chart, and succeed as many other affiliate marketers already did. With  Adsterra, you can be sure to embrace quality traffic that will return you leads and profit.

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