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Ad formats: how to choose the most suitable?

by Adsterra Team

If you have decided to dedicate a budget for your ad campaigns, it’s totally worth it to develop, at least, a basic understanding of various display ad formats. Choosing between various advertising formats available, is primarily dictated by the product you are looking to promote.

Before getting on to choose your desired ad formats, it is imperative to understand that no ad format is perfectly going to encapsulate your set of needs. Every format has its pros and cons and like most cases, there isn’t a perfect ready-to-use solution available. The ‘perfect’ solution lies in combining different ad formats and trading off the factors that can be compromised with those which can’t be overlooked.

With that in mind, it’s time that we unleash the comprehensive guide to list down the factors that must be considered before deciding on an advertising format:

Campaign Budget:

The format that you are going to use is largely dictated by the amount of money that you are willing to put into the campaign. Where it is important to not put your hands off while spending on ads, it is equally important to maintain a strong check over the generated ROI. The pricier formats are generally believed to perform well but it is not necessary that an expensive format will work best for your business. In this category, banners, both standard and video banners, which are designed for both mobile and desktop advertising can absolutely provide great benefit, especially large banners on high-traffic pages.

Format pricing is determined by the popularity among the publishers. Their popularity among publishers is determined by CTR and other similar parameters which can be deviating when it comes to generating real sales and doing business.

Product Type:

Ad formats must be determined depending upon the product or service that you are looking to promote. There are ad formats that work best in a niche, but are not that pivotal in conversions for other niches. So, it is important to soundly understand your market and product before deciding on the formats. Products that are a little ‘inexpensive’, you can go with cheaper formats. The audiences for such products are generally huge in size and it is easier to optimize the ads for conversions. This works well with banners or direct links.

Similarly, if you are promoting a product that drives ‘device dependent’ traffic, it is inevitable to mould your campaign accordingly. For instance, your product is a carpool app. Quite understandably, the traffic in this case is going to be largely from mobile devices. In such circumstances, mobile ad formats, like interstitial ads will formulate the major cut of campaign.

Audience Behaviour:

The choice of choosing an ad format is also determined by your target audience. Generally, more disruptive advertising formats are believed to perform better but at the same time most audiences abhor them. These are ad formats such as push up ads, which non-aggressively appear center screen the screen usually creating a doormat effect – and pop under ads, which open a new window that is essentially hidden under the user’s primary browser window. If your audience is super sensitive, along with getting noticed, it is important to not turn them off, by disrupting their user experience. In situations, choose wisely and go for formats that do not present an absolute catastrophe to the user experience. Direct links and pop under ads are better to go with in mentioned situation. Mobile ad formats are a must with mist audiences today, as most of the traffic is generated through mobile devices.

On similar grounds, strategy for each niche and product should be formulated in an isolated capacity. There isn’t an exact science to it but it is possible to make good informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best ad formats for your campaign.

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