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5 Tips For Win-Win Banner Advertising

by Adsterra Team

What is banner advertising? Banner advertising, also known as display advertising, is an online marketing method that uses banners to advertise products or services.

A banner ad is an advertisement displayed on a website page. It is made of an image in jpg, png, or gif format. A banner can also be a multimedia object created using Flash technology. It can either be static or animated depending on the type of technology used in its design. Banner advertising is intended to attract traffic to a web page whenever a visitor clicks on the banner.

What Is A Win-Win Strategy?

A win-win strategy is an arrangement intentionally designed to ensure that all participants end up benefitting from the final outcome in one way or another. It is a collaborative strategy in which the interests of all participants are fairly accommodated. There are no losers in a win-win strategy.

Win-Win Scenario For Advertisers And Ad Networks

In most cases, the relationship between an advertiser and an ad network can be defined as a win-win scenario. Advertisers are always seeking for ways and means to drive targeted traffic to their websites, lead capture pages, or e-commerce sites. Without traffic, the advertiser will not generate leads, conversions, or sales. So where does an advertiser get high-quality targeted traffic? They buy traffic from advertising networks.

Advertising networks have hundreds of publishers who drive millions of impressions and clicks in diverse niches. The networks control vast amounts of traffic. However, without advertisers to sell traffic to, all the traffic an ad network generates would be worthless. The relationship between ad networks and advertisers is, therefore,a win-win situation because advertisers end up with targeted traffic while the ad network gets clients to sell traffic to.

How Do Advertisers Benefit From Ad Networks?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business that depends on the Internet to attract and retain customers. Ad networks control massive amounts of traffic generated by their publishers. How does this traffic benefit advertisers? For starters, the traffic provided by ad networks is not random traffic but targeted traffic. Advertisers have the option of choosing where they want their ads to appear according to their niche, category, and geo-location. With precise targeting, advertisers benefit from increased impressions, more leads, higher conversions, and sales.

5 Tips For Win-Win Banner Advertising

Here are five tips for creating a win-win banner advertising campaign:

    1. Create an effective banner

It is a sad fact for marketers that nowadays people are not fond of clicking ads. To overcome what is now known as “banner blindness” it is imperative to create banner ads that are irresistible to potential customers. You can make your banner ads stand out by using words that attract attention such as “Free Trial” or words that create a sense of scarcity such as “Limited Time Offer.” Make sure to have a strong call-to-action (CTA) that encourages viewers to take immediate action by clicking the link.

    1. Place your banner ad on a relevant website

Before you even start promoting your business online, it is important to first research what type of audience is likely to buy your products or services. If you deal in web design and development products or services, it would be pointless to advertise your business on a site that provides slimming-diet advice. Your banner ad will do better on a blog covering the latest trends in the web design and development industry. Place your banner ads where it will be seen by people interested in your products or services.

    1. Analyze visitors of the site you plan to place your ad on

Evaluate the amount and quality of traffic that goes to the website you want to place your ad on. Check for issues such as monthly page impressions, demographics or visitors, and other details. There are many online tools you can use to analyze any website.

    1. Choose the right place for the ad

Studies have shown that ads placed above-fold or on the upper half of the page perform better than ads placedin the footer or anywhere below-fold. Aim for the header or in-content ads in the upper half of the page.

  1. Check statistics and evaluate the performance of your ads

Analytics are critical in every online marketing campaign. If you are using an ad network to manage your ads, they’ll have tools that provide you with important data about the performance of your ads such as the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions each banner ad generates. You can also test different types of banner ads to determine which generates the highest number of conversions.

Both ad networks and advertisers benefit from each other in a win-win relationship. The network gets customers to sell their ads inventory to, while advertisers are able to reach a wider audience of customers. It is, however, important for advertisers to create effective banners, place the banners in relevant pages, and keep updated with statistics on each banner’s performance to get the best ROI in their marketing campaigns.

If you feel unsure on best strategies and tactics for banner advertising you can always contact Adsterra Personal Managers who will develop customized to your needs strategy. Become Adsterra Advertiser and check it by yourself!

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