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Get $200 For Your Success Story

by Adsterra Team

Proud of the result you got at Adsterra? Developed some insights and want to share it with the world? Spread your knowledge and earn $200 extra!

This is not a limited-time offer, and there will be no shortlist of winners. If your case meets our requirements — you will get your 200 bucks. If you have three cases that meet the criteria — $600. Sounds good, huh?

Anyway, here is what you need to do:

🖊 Step 1
Write a detailed (see the requirements below) description of your case in English, Spanish or Russian. The case study must be fresh, original, and must include as much detail as possible.

📩 Step 2
Send it to [email protected].

🏆 Step 3
Get a response from our Team and see +$200 to your Adsterra balance.


  • Traffic: Adsterra Popunder, Web Push, or Native 
  • ROI: min 40%
  • Total spent: min $150
  • Average spent per day: min $20
  • The end date of the campaign: not older than 3 months
  • We will not consider case studies that go against Adsterra Terms & Conditions. 
  • Adsterra reserves the right to publish the cases on our media platforms and external sources, mentioning the authors. You are more than welcome to post your case, but only after the Adsterra publication.
  • The description must be original, written in English, Spanish or Russian and must include:
    • Source, name, and payout of the offer (the offer must not be private);
    • Screenshots of your dashboard with statistics: campaign budget, profit, ROI and any other numbers that matter;
    • Screenshots of the creatives, landing pages, and pre-landers you used.

Have no idea what offers to choose to create a 100% successful campaign? Check out the Wishlist on your Dashboard.

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