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13 Best Push Notification Ads Network to Boost Your Traffic

by Patrick D

Push notification ad networks help advertisers and affiliates connect with their audiences in native ways. Push Ads (Web and In-Page) are now the go-to strategy for targeted ad campaigns on most devices, OS, and browsers. 

As the market saturates, choosing the right option for your needs becomes harder. Let’s examine the best Push Notification ad networks to see what kind of push traffic they offer.

What are Push Ads?

Push Ads are advertisements that appear in the form of on-screen alerts. They usually have a title, an icon, a small illustration, and a description. The description’s length depends on your ad network.


Push Ads are further classified into Web Push notifications and In-Page Push ads. Although both types share the same appearance and characteristics, they are fundamentally different in how they work. 

We published a comprehensive Push advertising guide, explaining their differences and how each of them works

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Push Ads: In-Page Push vs. Web Push

You might’ve seen some ad networks offering In-Page Push instead of Web Push as the more profitable and reliable format. Well, there’s a great reason to believe that In-Page Pushes are the more suitable option. We compared which ads are better, Web Push or In-Page Push? and you’ll be amazed by our findings.

Push Notifications vs. Push Ads Notifications

Push notifications are generated directly from apps that users download on their phones and are designed as a method of internal communication. They’re not affiliated with the affiliate marketing industry but are frequently used for marketing purposes.

Meanwhile, Push Ads notifications are online ads that come from websites and are meant to bring people to those sites. They can be seen on both desktop and mobile devices. So, any publisher can enable push advertising on their websites for users who have signed up for it. 

Push notifications and push ads notifications are both forms of Internet-based communication, but they should not be confused. They both take the form of small instant messages and are quick and discreet. Still, push ads notifications serve marketing purposes and are designed to look like push notifications.

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What is a push notification ad network?

Push notification ad networks aggregate online ad inventory from publishers, who have added push ads codes, and sell it to advertisers, usually in real time. 

Advertisers and publishers can join such push ad networks and start trading based on the dashboards of such ad networks:

  • Advertisers tell the network what type of push traffic to buy, for how much, where, and when (targeting options). 
  • Publishers mainly have only to register their websites and put an advertising code that will pull ads from advertisers. In some ad networks, publishers may set minimum CPMs, but most of them will agree to host all ads with all payouts. Filtering ad types is another option publishers can use. They can remove ads with sensitive content, for instance.
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How to choose a suitable push ad network?

Push ad networks vary, so there’s no universal formula for choosing one. Affiliate marketing vendors create a variety of real-time push traffic technologies. To buy high-quality traffic, first, determine your goals and needs.

Customer support

Customer support is a critical consideration for your desired ads network. Hence, look for an ads network with a responsive support team you can contact by email, live chat, or other option. The support staff should be experienced and willing to help solve customers’ issues.

Adsterra offers top-notch support under our Partner Care program. We guide advertisers in achieving their desired targets with push ads and are ready to respond to any inquiries they have about maximizing their ad budget.

Payment model

If brand awareness is your primary goal, aim for the most daily impressions. The CPM revenue model is the best option because you pay for 1,000 impressions. Impressions are cheaper than clicks, but if your ad is attractive, you’ll get more clicks from 1,000 impressions. Choose ad networks with transparent pricing. They must provide you with current CPM rates. It’s great when you have access to traffic volumes and recommended bids for your targets.

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Traffic quality

Push traffic buyers are looking for bot-free, viewable, easily convertible impressions. The ad network platform must have traffic safety scanners to monitor and protect the system from fraudsters.

Platform features

From the advertiser’s side, push traffic volumes are not the only thing to track down. You may have seen a dozen sales decks from ad networks listing awesome features. But there’s only one way to ensure — sign up and tweak these features.

  • Targeting options;
  • Bidding configuration;
  • Budget limits;
  • Tracking tokens;
  • Black- and whitelisting.

What’s the best push notification ad network for 2024?

Affiliates who have clearly-defined target audiences may want to serve push notifications only in specific GEOs or devices, like iOS / Android or Windows / MacOS X. In that case, review this list of the best push ad networks to see if any meet your needs.

1. Adsterra


Adsterra is one of the largest networks serving 1.7 billion weekly impressions of In-Page Push traffic from direct publishers. The platform provides affiliates with unique traffic sources from 35,000 direct publishers. Affiliates benefit from running CPA, CPC, and CPM campaigns on VPN/Utility, Apps, Dating, iGaming, Sweeps, and E-commerce verticals.

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  • Partner Care. The network is notable for its attitude to partners. The in-house Partner Care program includes expert advice and prompt support for every advertiser and affiliate.
  • Smart bidding tools. Affiliates can use a built-in Traffic Estimator tool to place the most competitive bid.
  • Three levels of security. A three-level security system protects the advertising ecosystem (third-party protection tools and in-house mechanisms).
  • 20+ targeting and optimization options: User activity, GEO, OS, Device & Connection type, SP/Carrier, Browser, and Language. Additionally, this advanced self-serve platform allows for custom bidding and black- and whitelisting.
  • Outstanding delivery with 30% CTRs
    Adsterra serves over 1.7B weekly Push Ad views. And it has developed In-Page templates for advertisers, which adapt to any marketing strategy.
  • Advanced technology
    While common In-Page Push ads look the same from one ad network to another, Adsterra enhanced its looks to meet digital natives’ expectations. Social Bar advances your campaign with 20+ templates. You can apply animated widgets, icons, large images, and OS-native designs.

Social Bar can serve Push Ads and more advanced visuals. They provide an imposing range of ad inventory, targeting options, and payment systems.

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2. SmartyAds


SmartyAds develops programmatic media-buying platforms for affiliates to buy web push traffic. Their demand-side platform serves billions of monthly impressions based on CPM and CPC payment models. SmartyAds top traffic sources are the US, India, Israel, UK, Canada, and other countries.


  • Cross-environment ad push notifications. The platform supports in-app, mobile, and desktop web push notifications. Affiliates can also use video, banner, native, rich media, CTV, and other digital ads. The clean dashboard makes it easy to adjust ad sizes, formats, and resolutions for all screen types.
  • RTB, PMP, direct deals. Advertisers can use RTB, private marketplace, and direct deals (to access exclusive inventory).
  • Precise targeting. 30+ ad campaign targeting options (GEO, age, gender, OS, browser, device, connection type) ensure your push notification ad reaches the right audiences.
  • Automated UI/UX reports. The platform automates affiliate marketing campaigns and performance reports.
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3. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is one of the largest push networks with 250 million monthly users offering extensive optimization opportunities for Push Ads. Targeting, reporting, and campaign controls help affiliates monetize push advertising.


  • Extensive pricing models. This network uses CPM, CPC, and CPA goal pricing.
  • Auto optimization. Smart AI optimizes creative settings to boost conversions.
  • Reporting. Real-time reporting lets affiliates track traffic and campaign performance.

PropellerAds can satisfy experienced and new push affiliates. They have a self-serve platform, but a reliable support team can help with campaign tuning and other questions.

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4. EvaDav


EvaDav is a CPM and CPC network specializing in Web Push Ads and other CPA and affiliate-friendly formats. Their platform delivers 2+ billion impressions daily. Affiliates can manage their campaigns and incomes with this platform.


  • Global. With programmatic algorithms, the platform can deliver your ads globally, focusing on the US, RU, IN, China, Europe, and other countries.
  • Intuitive admin panel. Set up campaigns, configure them, verify traffic, and track performance from one panel.
  • Minimum budget threshold. The platform allows you to start your campaigns with a $100 budget minimum.
  • Price optimization. Bidding algorithms ensure your prices are competitive enough to win impressions.

EvaDav is a good option for affiliates who want to maximize push campaigns and serve other creatives. You can choose formats and pricing models that fit your marketing goals.

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5. RichAds


RichAds offers high-quality web push traffic in high volumes worldwide. This CPC push notification platform delivers highly targeted push and pop ads and other ad units. It covers popular business verticals, including VPN & Antiviruses, Finance, iGaming, Sweepstakes, Dating, and more.


  • A support team of ad experts. Personal account managers help with onboarding, ad creatives, campaign management, traffic insights, and more.
  • Calendar push format. Provides high-quality push traffic from iOS and macOS devices.
  • Lots of targeting options. You can target the ad using 17 options (country, OS, browser, device, browser language, connection type, carrier name, operating system, IP, and so on).

RichAds ad network provides quality traffic for a broad reach in specific business categories (like Dating and iGaming).

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6. Adcash


Affiliates use Adcash as a DSP for push notifications. Like the options described above, it offers affiliates various tools to broaden your campaign’s reach and execute affiliate marketing campaigns flawlessly. The platform serves 200 million impressions daily and has been on the market since 2009.


  • Push optimization controls. Affiliates can optimize their Push Ads’ size, resolution, and delivery.
  • Convenient dashboard. Affiliates can trade with 200+ SSPs and Adcash’s supply partners in one dashboard.
  • Reporting system. Real-time reporting alerts you to your campaign performance.
  • Smart bidding technology. Automatic bid adjustments capture only the best deals.

Adcash is a good option for affiliates looking for high-quality traffic sources, exclusive inventory, and supply partners. Their traffic security guarantees a fraud-free advertising ecosystem. This platform is also good for affiliates who need a lot of support because of their account manager.

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7. Coinis

Coinis platform

Aiming to earn from push traffic, you should also look at Coinis. It’s an acknowledgeable and powerful monetization platform for publishers and affiliates, serving traffic to over 150M push subscribers.


  • Global coverage. The platform operates in 220 countries providing affiliates and publishers an opportunity to monetize any traffic.
  • User-friendly interface. Coinis is proud of having an app for publishers. All its products enable easy navigation through vital stats, tabs, and reports.
  • Monetization on all devices. The platform allows you to earn from desktop inventory and mobile apps (WEB + SDK).
  • Convenient earning models. With Coinis, publishers can profit from every subscriber (Cost-Per-Subscriber model) or try a RevShare model when getting paid whenever the ad is displayed to a subscriber.

Coinis delivers AI-powered solutions that connect advertisers to high-intent audiences. Affiliates get over 2K of high-class offers, while publishers enjoy high eRPMs.

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8. AdMaven


AdMaven offers push notifications and Popunder ads and boasts 2.5 million daily impressions in most top-tier countries. This platform provides quality, safe impressions from direct publishers.


  • Lots of push formats. They offer pushes and Popunders in all sizes and resolutions to diversify your media mix.
  • Account manager support. The platform offers managed services and assistance for campaign tuning.
  • Auto optimization. Ad-Maven optimizes any ad format’s rendering and performance.
  • Safety. The platform protects traffic sources with in-house and third-party tools.

AdMaven is a good choice for affiliates seeking highly-converting traffic in certain niches. Robust targeting options and auto-optimization can be configured individually or with an account manager. AdMaven is suitable for both experienced and new affiliates.

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9. DatsPush


DatsPush is a new advertising network that has become a nice traffic source for omnichannel push campaigns. Unlike other options on the list, this one gets 24 million clicks per day. This CPC network is a self-serve platform that can help you launch affiliate marketing campaigns.


  • Ad variety. The platform lets you run push advertising campaigns and In-Page, Popunder, and native formats.
  • Targeting options. Targeting options include Web/Mobile, GEO, Carrier/IP, Browser/Platform, Black/White lists, Source/Audience, and more.
  • Payment flexibility. The platform’s dashboard funding minimum is $50 per campaign. Bidding begins at 0.001$.
  • Automated rules. The platform uses automated rules to optimize campaign flow, apply blacklists, and apply filters.
  • Global reach. The platform serves thousands of impressions in 250 countries.

DatsPush generates massive traffic for affiliates looking for affordable push rates. Self-serve, but with a strong support team if you have questions. This network’s $50 minimum deposit is ideal for affiliates with small advertising budgets.

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10. PopAds


PopAds is a unique ad network that specializes in Popunder ads. It offers many targeting options, allowing you to show Popunder ads to the most relevant audience. Every publisher on the PopAds network has been vetted for high-quality traffic, with a reliable anti-fraud system to eliminate fake traffic sites. You have several options to deposit money into a wallet to fund your ads. Any unused funds can be withdrawn back to the payment source.


  • Targeting options. You can target your ads on this push ads platform by geographic location, category, keyword, and time.
  • Anti-fraud. PopAds uses handy tools to identify and eliminate invalid traffic from its network.
  • Reporting. You can monitor your ads’ performance in real-time.
  • Bidding. You set the rates you want to pay for Popunders, and PopAds matches you with publishers willing to accept the rate.
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11. EZmob


EZmob is one of the top push ad networks for businesses. You can launch self-serve campaigns and track your results in real time. EZmob offers a collection of high-quality publishers to display push ads on. The minimum budget for an EZmob campaign is $50.


  • Reporting. You get real-time reporting and analytics for your ad campaigns, enabling you to know what to optimize for better results.
  • Self-serve. You can launch an ad campaign without any external help.
  • Support. The EZmob support team is available to help via email and live chat.
  • Whitelisting. You can control the publishers to show your push ads on.
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12. Clickadu


Clickadu is a leading push notification advertising network. It hosts over 3,000 high-quality publishers you can place your ads on. You can target your campaigns with many factors, including geographical location, device type, web browser, language, etc. Clickadu is a self-serve platform with an intuitive interface you can easily navigate.


  • Anti-fraud. Clikadu has advanced tools to eliminate bots and fake traffic sources from its network.
  • Targeting options. You can target your campaigns to the most relevant audience that’ll yield effective results.
  • Pricing models. You can run CPM, CPC, or CPA campaigns on Clickadu.
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13. BidVertiser


BidVertiser is a prominent network for push notification ads. It offers access to thousands of publishers with high-quality traffic. The minimum budget for a BidVertiser campaign is just $5, making it suitable for small-scale advertising campaigns. This platform offers advanced targeting capabilities, including geographical location, operating system, browser, cell carrier, etc.


  • Real-time bidding. You can bid in real-time for ad slots, helping you to maximize your advertising budget.
  • Reporting. You can monitor your ad campaign results in real-time.
  • Automation. You can set Return of Investment goals for your campaign, and BidVertiser optimizes your ads to match the goals.
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A large number of impressions is a plus, but it may be difficult to get a high ROI from them. That’s why it’s critical that the advertising network helps you make the most of your traffic.

Targeting options, profitable pricing, transparency in bid evaluation, and expert assistance are all features you should look for on an ad network. At Adsterra, we offer exactly these functionalities, and we look forward to partnering with you.


How quickly can push ad campaigns be set up?

If you already have a solid plan, you can set up a push ad campaign within a few minutes. Many advertising networks are self-serve, allowing you to create campaigns from scratch without external help. Your campaign can hit the ground running in less than 30 minutes.

Are push ads applicable to all business types?

Yes, a push ad is a universal format. Any type of business can use push ads to attract traffic and increase sales. Push ads are good at attracting attention, allowing any type of business to leverage it for increased brand awareness and sales.

Is it possible to target specific countries with push ads?

Yes, virtually all top push ad networks allow you to target your ads via geographical location. You can target specific countries and even cities, letting you reach the most relevant audience for your product or service.

How frequently should push ad creatives be updated?

It’s advisable to update your push ad creatives every 5 to 7 days. Using the same creatives for a long time can cause “burnout,” wherein your target audience gets tired of repeatedly seeing the same thing. Regular changes counter this issue and maximize your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

What are the optimal times for sending push ads?

The optimal time to deploy push ads is early morning or evening. These are leisure hours when people are more likely to interact with their devices and have time to respond to advertisements. Push ads deployed during busy hours are less effective than those deployed during leisure hours.

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