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Chrome 64 Update – Get Ready with Adsterra!

by Adsterra Team


As you may know, new Google Chrome 64 version with the new ad block feature comes on January 23. All sites using so-called “intrusive ads” will be restrictedrom opening new windows and/or displaying some ad formats.

We at Adsterra believe this new Google ad policy sets a monopoly on online advertising. The new update will hurt not only publishers who are trying to earn money fairly by creating a high-quality content and providing it to the users for free but also the final users of the browser, who won’t be able to access the content they need.

Where is the freedom of choice? What about the concept of free internet? We cannot find an answer to these questions, but we are ready to respond to the whole situation.

At Adsterra we stand for the publishers’ right to choose what ads to run on their own websites. We have worked hard to find solutions that will allow our publishers to stay in business and retain same profits.

What Adsterra has to offer:

  • Anti-Ad Block Chrome64 Edition. Several options to bypass Google Chrome ad block
  • NEW Popup Codes. New and more profitable popup scripts
  • New ad formats. Adsterra is about to release new ad formats 100% compliant with Google Ad Experience rules and Better Ads Standard. Stay tuned.

Please contact your personal manager today to get your new solution or send an email to
[email protected] to get assistance.

Together we will build new monetization strategy with an eye on new regulations.

Learn how to bypass Chrome Ad Block



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