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Banner Advertising Networks: Everything You Need to Know

by Adsterra Team

Banner advertising remains one of the most popular forms of internet advertising — and the reason for this is banner advertising networks

If you want to promote a product on the internet, a banner advertising network should be your first port of call. However, before you shake hands and sign a contract with the first banner advertising network that comes knocking, there are a few things businesses should know.

Banner Advertising Networks Use Algorithms to Match Customers and Brands

Bad banner advertising networks do a bad job at this and good banner advertising networks do a good job at this. The reason Adsterra created a whopping 10 billion ad impressions last month alone is that we’re A Great Banner Advertising Network.

Here’s how it should work:

  1. A customer clicks onto a website which is signed up to our network.
  2. Our algorithms instantly gather data about the customer, their browsing history, their location, the time of day, the time of year and the website itself.
  3. A relevant banner advert is displayed on the website.

Great Banner Advertising Networks Have a Variety of Payment Options

A user of that website may well click on the ad displayed and they may well convert into a customer. A lot of the time, users don’t click on banner ads. Yet, their sheer presence helps to raise awareness of the brand.

Because each brand’s aim is different, a banner advertising network should work using a variety of payment options. As such, an advertiser can pay per each person who clicks on an ad, per each thousand impressions that ad has online, per each time their click generates a lead (such as an email in a contact form), or per acquisition.

Great Banner Advertising Networks Learn from the Past

While billboards are still a popular and important advertising medium, they used to be the number one way to advertise. Putting your brand name on a billboard meant putting it in the eyeline of potentially millions of people walking through a public space.

Billboards still have the potential to attract attention or criticism, but it’s also fair to say things have changed since their golden years. People are more likely to be using a smartphone in a public space than they are to be looking at a billboard. As Paul Suggett puts it, “eyes are down, not up”.

However, there’s still a lot to take from the success of billboard advertising: keep your message short (six words or less, if possible). Make it powerfully visual. Be smart, but don’t confuse people.

The fact is that banner advertising follows most of the same principles that allowed billboard advertising to be so powerful 20 years ago. Aside from the important fact that banner advertising has the potential to have a direct response (whereas billboard advertising really doesn’t), all that’s changed is the technology and the direction people are looking in.

Banner Advertising Comes in Different Forms

Banner advertising can either stretch across the top of a website, the bottom, or the sides. They are usually image-based, but some can be videos. The use of video and sometimes sound — as well as the fact that the banner ads can be clicked on — makes them more interactive from traditional billboard ads, giving you a greater chance of engaging people.

The best banner advertising networks utilise this advantage to make advertising which is immediately eye-catching. Designing an ad that looks good on a website requires knowing how it will look on a website and where people’s eyes move when they use a website.

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