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TikTok Monetization for Beginners | How To Start Making Money With The Most Hyped App

by Olly V

TikTok can now boast of passing the “1 million active users” mark.  It grows faster than any app! But can it be a passive income? If so, how difficult is it? You’re on the right path if you’re reading this. Adsterra has been collaborating with over 21K publishers and affiliates who monetize all types of traffic, including social. 

Today you will focus your sight on the TikTok monetization strategy for 2022. From creating captivating content to making money with affiliate marketing and other means, you will get all tips in front of you.  Dive in and let your plans turn into deals! 

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If you’re familiar to TikTok, you can skip the intro part and hunt ready-to-monetize offers. Adsterra CPA network for affiliates hosts the juiciest ones.

Why can TikTok be considered for monetization?

TikTok is a social app that allows users to create, edit, and share some 15 or 60-second video loops with catchy musical overlays, visual effects, and sounds. The idea is simple but genius ー anyone can become famous. An excellent hook that makes millions of users generate content and keeps millions of users glued to their screens.

The perfect example is Charli D’Amelio, whose 125M followers surpass some countries population. Charli’s content is genuine and always attracts millions of views.

The hyped app is a great tool to make things go viral and profit-streaming. Some TikTok statistics prove that it is perfect for moneymaking.

TikTok statistics that prove it’s great for moneymaking

With about 1.2 billion monthly users forecasted by App Annie, TikTok is the most promising platform for content creation and affiliate marketing. Let’s check some exciting stats related to its capacities.

  • $54 million — global user spending within 1.5 years (Statista).

  • $1 Billion Creator Fund — TikTok is going to invest in its best content creators (TikTok).

  • $5 million earned the star blogger, 19-year-old Addison Rae Easterling, in 2020

  • $25–$125 per post — that’s an estimated earning of a micro-influencer (Influencer Marketing Hub).

How much can you earn on TikTok?

If you’re thinking of TikTok account monetization, you indeed ask yourself, “how much money can I make?” The answer will not be a concrete six-figure number 😉 But we can speculate with the facts.

Experts estimate that it is possible to get 2 to 3 cents per 1,000 views. And imagine you’ve achieved 300-400K followers? Then you can charge some $350 per one affiliate post.

Influencer Marketing Hub has come up with a fantastic tool, the TikTok Money Calculator. We’ve also been curious and got a rough account estimate for a star blogger, Sharon Tseung, who creates valuable content on Real Estate, Affiliate Marketing, “Side Hustle”, and Finance topics.

How to become a TikTok blogger: components of success

Having mentioned how much bloggers and influencers make, we ought to outline what contributes to a successful TikTok monetization strategy.

1. How valuable and/or catchy your content is

It’s seldom when a blogger or entrepreneur can create something so unusual that the whole world will rush to their smartphones to watch it.

What you really need is NOT to try making something extra innovative right from the start. 

There are three main goals to pursue instead:

  • Add value to the existing topics. What can you add to, say, to digital marketing? Or cat grooming? Why will people need to follow you and not anyone else?
  • Come up with edible new formats of content. Your content must be easy to discover, consume, and share.
  • Think of solving problems, answering questions, filling the gaps in knowledge, feeding curiosity. It is essential to understand your audience’s needs and difficulties.

2. How fast you grow your following

If you’re a masterful Insta-blogger or a Facebook influencer, you will quickly gain your first 1,000 followers. If you start from zero, it will take time, but you will surely deal with it.

3. The quality of your recon and preparation work

Your strategy of getting profit on TikTok should include the initial research, choice of your niche and topic, some digging in the competitors’ accounts, and a couple more steps to observe a little deeper right now. So let’s move on to the next part ー the very first steps to building a TikTok account that will bring you passive income.

TikTok monetization from scratch. What to start with?

The most challenging step is the first step. But when you have a plan, it comes easier. Now we’re going to outline the recon basics you need to start your blogging journey smoothly.

1. Niche and topic: 50% passion / 50% pragmatism

To begin with, choose a topic or niche that you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make outstanding videos from the start, but you must be sincere. If you masterfully do something – show it. If a topic resonates with you ー make it work.

Second, you have to critically evaluate your capacity to create lots of non-generic content within this topic regularly. It’s good when you can advise on something related to your primary job or hobby. If you’ve just started to explore a particular topic, maybe you could become a TikTok pathfinder, sharing their experience in learning a new subject.

2. The potential of your niche

Next comes the SEO part. Yes, the principle is the same with website traffic monetization. You need to find if you can get enough followers with the topic you chose.

A minimum-effort approach is to google your topic and see the “autosuggest” queries. You can also use Quora and Reddit platforms to find the most asked questions about your topic.

Earlier, we shared a guide to SEO keyword research to set up a blockbusting blog. Use it in your TikTok monetization planning, too.

3. Your nearest competitors

With tools like BuzzSumo or manually, you can easily detect your main competition. Follow them with your personal account and spend 5 to 7 days by checking:

  1. how often they post content;
  2. types of content they share,
  3. hashtags they use;
  4. most liked videos;
  5. music they add to videos;
  6. their style (fonts, animation, tone of voice – all that makes them stand out);
  7. which products they promote and whether this endorsement looks native or…salesy;
  8. which platforms they use for extra promotion (Instagram, Landing pages);
  9. what topics they missed, and if they’re valuable for followers, how can you present these topics.

4. The winning set of hashtags

It’s a kind of local SEO. Hashtags help users find the content. You have to develop a set of those that will Identify your videos and tell new users what your business is about. Some of them will come from your competition; some can correlate with trends and adgenda (like #olympics, #euro2020), but try not using only common hashtags like #business, #money, #video. There are platforms that expose all trending hashtags, as well.

5. The content plan

By the time you publish the first video, a well-packed monthly plan of diverse content should be in front of you. 

It will help a lot if you time your video creation process. You’ll be surprised how much time it takes to develop a script, trigger, effects, and then record a video. 

Ok, now that we have warmed up with some impressive numbers and facts, shall we move towards ways of your TikTok monetization? 

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TOP-4 profitable ways to TikTok monetization

Now that we have figured out the primary steps to pack your TikTok account, let’s discuss how to monetize it, with all ins and outs listed. These are the core ways to make money on Tiktok in 2021 and 2022.

WAY 1 | Affiliate marketing

There are several affiliate marketing programs that you could successfully use to monetize your TikTok traffic. They all work with a similar flow.

How affiliate programs work

How you get passive income with TikTok using affiliate marketing

Choose offers that resonate with your profile and your audience’s needs. It won’t make any sense if your streams are about high-tech and the offer you promote is about beauty supplements.

Look through universal offers that can be valuable for any audience. These are, for instance, coupons, vouchers, and gift cards.

affilaite offers with coupons

You can find universal offers on Adsterra CPA Network

Choose the GEO attentively. Advertisers are willing to get more customers from a particular country. Make sure you address the same GEO, or the advertisers will not approve conversions.

Try to find the offer with a big payout and a simple conversion flow. Conversions is what you get money for: an opt-in, an app install, a completed lead form, an order, a purchase.

A purchase is a pretty complex flow; the user must pay for a product (enter their credit card details). A trial is a lightweight flow: users are willingly download apps and tools.

Never hesitate to address the affiliate network’s team to ask which offers they have to match your following. If possible, contact the advertiser to get additional images, slogans, testimonials so that you could showcase the offer most positively.

By now, TikTok doesn’t allow you to add clickable links to videos, but they’re about to launch this option, so stay tuned with their news.

You can now share a link in your TikTok Profile. Two tricks to learn here:

  1. Make sure you have switched to a Business profile, as it doesn’t limit you by the number of followers. Adding a link to a Creator’s profile is allowed if you have at least 1,000 followers.
  2. Don’t add the link directly to your profile. You will need an intermediary page instead. It may be an elementary page with brief recommendations or simply a set of buttons leading to affiliate offers.

These intermediary pages must look neat and download fast on mobiles. Here is how they can look.

intermediary page with affiliate offers

To paste a link from your account, choose Edit profile, then navigate to the Website field and simply paste the URL of a web page where you added the monetization link.

Affiliate networks for TikTok monetization

Adsterra Affiliate Network

This network has a selective approach to offers. It tests them on a large amount of traffic to prove they convert to be sure you will promote profitable products and services. Key verticals are: VPN, Dating, Sweepstakes, Ecommerce. After you sign up, you will need to choose the offer with the suitable GEO and profile. 

Here are examples of offers you can find on the affiliate network. They’re too numerous to list them all, so it is better to register and see for yourself.

Ready-to-monetize offers for influencers

It might be challenging for a beginner blogger to start capitalizing traffic with an affiliate network. It is always better to have  a ready-to-use offer. Here is the set of profitable deals you can apply to promote with Adsterra Affiliate Network! 

Email us at [email protected] and get your unique monetization link. No registration, no research, no extra legwork. A promising start, isn’t it?


GEO: ID (Indonesia)

Capsules that help prevent hair loss while nourishing hair.


EyeLab New

GEO: ID (Indonesia)

Capsules that can slow down eye-aging and improve clarity.



GEO: VN (Viet Nam)

Capsules that help reduce the appetite, limit fat absorption, enhance metabolism



GEO: TH (Thailand)

Anti-aging cream that diminishes wrinkles, restores skin firmness and reduces dark spots.



GEO: ID (Indonesia)

Serum to improve skin tone and texture. Help reducee fine lines and wrinkles.


Capital One Shopping


An add-on for applying coupon codes for free.


Amazon Influencer Program

The Amazon Influencer Program welcomes you by promising an exclusive URL on Amazon where you can recommend the products to your followers. Consider this opportunity if your following is massive enough or if you’re a reputable blogger on other social platforms.

Canva Affiliate Program

Canva is a popular community for content creators and a platform for designers. You can earn up to $36 for each new Pro subscriber who registers via your unique link.

WAY 2 | Making money promoting your skills, business, brand

Promoting your own business is a standard method of earning money on social networks even without having a large following or being a big influencer.

This involves developing expert content. Informational services are highly demanded, and there are untapped niches that you can harness now: lawyer advice, feminism issues, motion design, affiliate marketing. 

Another way of promoting your business is to sell goods. If you’re an artisan, you ought to show the working process — all that includes the artwork production, positive reviews, etc. 

WAY 3 | Ambassadorship and advertising

Literally, you cooperate with brands recommending your followers to buy or use their services. This may seem an advanced way of earning, but even nano-bloggers can discover brands willing to share a word about them, as we said earlier. You mustn’t be Dwayne Johnson to start getting profit from TikTok.

Some creators advertise brands in exchange for their products or get hefty discounts. The most challenging is to find a brand and discuss the partnership conditions. That requires some “leg work” at times.

WAY 4 | Live streaming monetization

This is almost the same as YouTube streaming — you hold a broadcast, and users donate TikTok currency. However, there is an entry barrier — you need at least 1,000 followers to activate this feature. It will not make a fortune, but it could turn into a decent stream of extra income.

Tips for growing your TikTok audience and get higher traction


With AI and marketing technology evolving, you can now use TikTok, Facebook, or Pinterest for monetization. So far, one thing stands out about TikTok monetization – you have to add value to others’ lives with your opinions and tips. Actually, it comes before any moneymaking activity.

You don’t need an insanely large following to be an influencer who gets passive income. Just an organic and genuine following, and you are good to go as an influencer. 

Earning money from TikTok is easier when you choose proven techniques and platforms like Adsterra Affiliate Network.

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