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Adsterra Payments and Your Achievements: How Much You Made in 2021

by Olly V
How you grow profits with Adsterra over the year

Adsterra publishers and advertisers usually don’t guess what the upcoming year has in store for them. They plan to grow and move fast, armed with technologies, quality traffic, and caring support. Today, we want to share which of your projects turned into real money in 2021. These all are your achievements and breakthroughs made possible with our assistance and…Adsterra payments, of course 🙂 Ready for the vibes of profits? Then let’s go!

Adsterra payments, or how much our publishers earned

2021 has been rich in excellent traffic, and you’ve been working hard to send loads of users who watched ads, clicked on them, and converted into leads and sales. 

$54,6M: that’s how much Adsterra publishers earned in 2021. Adsterra is known for being a reliable and profit-boosting ad network. In the last year, our publishers almost doubled their revenues compared to 2020. 


Adsterra payouts in 2021
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Which publishers earn more with Adsterra?

Actually, any website category can become a goldmine. But if you want to dig into trending niches, we can say that top moneymakers in 2021 are:

  • Downloads
  • Movies
  • Social Traffic (especially Facebook and TikTok traffic)
  • Streaming
  • Video host services
  • Anime

Publishers that have a stable income with Adsterra payments are: News aggregators, Books, Music, File hosting services, URL Shorteners, File Converters, and many others.

top publishers' niches in 2021
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How advertisers make a profit with Adsterra traffic

It’s not the traffic volume that prompts advertising success, but its quality and relevance. With Adsterra, advertisers and affiliate marketers enjoy both the number of impressions and the number of conversions.

Advertisers achieved over 1 BN conversions by December. Over 150K new campaigns were added to the ongoing ones in 2021.



Verticals and offers that sparked in 2021:

  • VPNs and Mobile Utilities
  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • Browser Extensions
  • Sweepstakes
  • iGaming and Sports
  • Finance

Verticals and offers that always perform well: Shops, Software, Games, Dating, and many others.

Verticals and offers that sparked in 2021
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2021 Highlights [Infographics]

Highlights of the year infographics
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Most innovative ad network’s tools for advertisers and publishers

Just to recap all that has been done this year, we want to list all those features that saved you time and money, making it easier to find your traffic gems and perfect targets.

Pricing tokens: laser-focus price tracking

We all are control freaks when it comes to our budgets. And that’s great! Pricing tokens allow you to track your CPM, CPC, and CPA bids with ease. The true zen for those who want to keep an eye on spending. Make sure you know how to use pricing tokens 😉

LEGO-like statistics for advertisers

Why LEGO-like? That’s because you can tweak it and build your own reports in real time! Advanced filtering makes it easy to detect best-performing campaigns and those that fail to meet your KPIs eating the budget. Group multiple campaigns by one parameter to immediately find campaigns you want to keep running and those you need to optimize.

20+ fabulous templates for Social Bar

That was a genuine hit, and we hope you did not miss it out. You now can use the same hacks that TikTok, Instagram, and iOS marketers apply to engage web users, making them stick to their screens.

Social Bar is a combo format that embraces display ads and in-page push capabilities. It is powered by over 20 template creatives that look like chat heads, app widgets, OS notifications, icons, and messages. Those who tried confirm the highest CTRs and CRs.

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Brand new CPA Network

Adsterra CPA Network brought new standards to the market. Selective offers, high payouts, and caring support welcome affiliate pros. That’s where you should hunt all exclusives in 2022.

Traffic monetization opportunities for those who don’t have a website

Speaking of Adsterra payments, we need to mention publishers that don’t have any website… We updated our Direct Link ad format so that publishers sending social or app traffic could make good money. You now don’t have to add a website to the platform. You simply get a Direct Link that you can place anywhere! 

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Take-and-earn offer examples with targeting settings right in your account

Adsterra treasures those who made their choice in favor of our traffic and always finds new ways to facilitate their marketing success. We updated the Offers Wishlist, which is a unique set of offer examples right in your advertiser’s account. You can use them as template settings for your next Popunder ad campaign. Take advantage of the settings listed and start getting conversions faster.

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What to expect in 2022?

If you ever wondered how much we pay publishers, you’re probably pleased with learning that the amount of Adsterra payments has grown over $20M compared to 2020. If you want to estimate traffic quality, you can be sure that 21K direct publishers will stream enough impressions and clicks to comply with your goals.

But these were practical values. What we want to add is our hearts and support throughout 2022. We’ll stay right by your side and try our best to make your most ambitious goals turn into real profits. And before we hop in the new year, watch this warm take on one of the best holiday songs. Sing along as loud as you can and let the profits grow!

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