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How to boost your CPM?

by Adsterra Team

How to boost your CPM?


When monetising your site, the first thing you should focus on is CPM rate. CPM rate is usually understood as profit for every ad display you serve, but actually CPM rate is more often than not counted by impression, click or conversion model chosen by an advertiser who uses your ad space, with the chief contributing factors being the traffic and its quality.We have already looked at how to increase site traffic in our previos post “5 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic“, in this post we’ll discover how to optimise your traffic to increase your CPM.

What should you do to make you CPM higher?

             Get more traffic from Tier 1 countries – countries whose governments have fully complied with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) minimum standards. Examples include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy – a full list is available online. These countries are traditionally on the frontline of digital marketing and online trading, which is why this traffic is so valuable. Your site should be well organised to attract users from these countries.

Try to concentrate on these points:

1.Ensure your content is written in perfect English and try to use a register which is appropriate to your site content – whether this is more conversational for fun content or more neutral for formal content.

2.Be aware of latest trends in site design. No one will be interested in 90s-style website without any graphics.

3.Optimize your site for mobile devices. This is a must! Mobile traffic is the future and within a few years will have replaced PC traffic – believe it or not. The vast majority of global internet companies are focused on mobile platforms, and so there is a lot of attention directed towards mobile traffic. Research shows that online shoppers spend more money browsing on mobile, rather than desktop devices, with the highest value transactions coming from tablet users. As a result, mobile traffic is incredibly valuable and a clear focus here will have a strong positive influence on your CPM.

           Get more unique users! Unique traffic is really important for calculating CPM. New visitors to the site are potential new customers. For advertisers this is the main source of growing brand awareness and conquering new territory. If you increase your site web-presence, get more backlinks and a greater awareness on social media, you will get a larger audience and more unique users, naturally increasing your CPM.

Be aware of where and how you use banners or popunders on your site – this includes positioning on page and on your site tree. Usually, the deeper these are in the site structure, the less traffic they get. Investigate user experience to be sure your ads are located in the best possible places (there are numerous online tools for visualising your users’ site experience, e.g. Inspeclet and Google Analytics).

As you can see, increasing your CPM is not a big deal if you know what you’re doing. Make your site worth visiting, and you won’t have to wait long until your ads start generating a profit.

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