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4 Internet Advertising Lessons We Can Learn from YouTube

by Adsterra Team

Internet advertising is a difficult thing, but YouTube has got it right. Knowing how to master the art of internet advertising is the key to succeeding.

YouTube didn’t become the second biggest website in the world by accident. It’s made right choices, it’s made wrong choices, and any eCommerce website stands to learn a lot from those choices. So, here are the four biggest things YouTube can teach us about internet advertising.

1. YouTube Offers Its Creators Something Its Competitors Don’t

The key to great internet advertising is respecting the website you are advertising on. At Adsterra, we believe in helping both our advertisers and the online publications that approach us. We make it as simple as possible for a website to make money and we guarantee the highest quality of traffic for our advertisers. In short, we work hard for the people on all sides of internet advertising: web users get high-quality adverts, marketers get high-quality traffic and websites get paid fairly.

Some creators have criticised YouTube’s attitude towards advertising, but it remains the most popular platform for creators nevertheless, because of the way it respects the people who make content for the website. The same cannot be said for Facebook, which is why, despite having millions of hours of video on its website, Facebook does not have the same quality of video as YouTube. The end result is that YouTube is a bigger website than Facebook.

2. YouTube’s Internet Advertising Utilises Data

Data is an internet advertiser’s best friend and YouTube knows this. As a video loads, YouTube’s algorithm crunches the numbers and figures out exactly which advert to show to you based on your location, watch history, internet history and any other data it can gather. It also bears in mind the time of day, time of year and the content of the video itself.

The result is adverts which generate the sort of traffic advertisers are willing to pay for. What’s more, its algorithm also guarantees quality adverts, so that the creator isn’t harmed by dodgy advertising.

All of this is great for YouTubers and for the advertisers who want to market their products to YouTube users. However, for those who want to place adverts elsewhere and want to monetise their own website as opposed to a YouTube channel, a top affiliate marketing network does the same kind of number crunching for you.

3. YouTube’s Internet Advertising Is Mobile Optimised

When it comes to mobile, not everything YouTube touches turns to gold. Its mobile chat feature is passable, but it’s not exactly revolutionary, so it’s unlikely to tear people away from Facebook Messenger.

However, no-one can criticise YouTube of not embracing the mobile internet. After all, its parent company — Google — has been punishing websites for not being mobile-friendly enough since at least 2015. It would be somewhat hypocritical of YouTube to not also embrace a mobile-friendly internet.

Recognising the importance of mobile when it comes to internet advertising is a must because of the simple fact that more people are using mobiles to access the internet than desktops. This has been the case since late 2016 and the trend shows absolutely no sign of reversing in 2017 or beyond.

We too know the importance a mobile-friendly internet with mobile-friendly internet advertising. That’s why we are constantly improving the way we display adverts on mobile devices.

4. YouTube Isn’t Completely Transparent

This is a bad thing, and the lesson to be learnt here is that internet advertising should be transparent. Not only did YouTube draw the ire of creators because of its silence surrounding the so-called adpocalypse, it also doesn’t fully disclose the monetary figures its creators want to know. Understandably, this can be frustrating.

At Adsterra, we believe in transparency — for the websites who are looking to monetise themselves but also for the advertisers who are looking for traffic. We are sure to break down exactly how much traffic our internet advertising brings in, and advertisers can choose to pay per click, per lead, per one thousand ad impressions, or per acquisition.

For website owners, the control is also completely in your hands. We provide custom advertising to make sure you can monetise every ad impression on your website. You can even choose the method of payment — whether that’s PayPal, Wire Payments, Paxum,  or WebMoney.

 For a transparent, mobile-friendly internet partner which utilises data and treats both its advertisers and publishers with respect, contact Adsterra. Sign up to our affiliate ad network today for relevant, location-specific internet advertising.

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