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Case Study: How to Make ROI $400 Advertising a Mobile App in Indonesia

by Adsterra Team

Wouldn’t it be great to invest $120 and see it return with $601? This case is real, and we have step-by-step instructions to advertising a mobile app with such an impressive outcome. Today our partner will walk you through an affiliate marketing campaign for the “Aliexpress-rival” app on Indonesian traffic.

Curious? Then read on the case study of advertising a mobile app with catchy Social Bar creatives and a bunch of great lifehacks from an affiliate pro.


As this case study is provided by one of our partners, we keep the spelling untouched. We try to maintain a unified structure for all case studies, so we sometimes make a few changes in the sequence of paragraphs. The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect our views.

Case study data: advertising campaign for a mobile app

  • Traffic type: Social Bar by Adsterra.com 
  • Offer: Mainstream Utility
  • Time period: March 25–31
  • GEO: ID
  • Spent: $120.10
  • Income: $601
  • Profit: $480.90
  • ROI: 400%

Hey, everyone!

Today we will pour traffic to a killer e-commerce app for Indonesian users. The app looks quite good, everything is fine with the rating and the number of downloads inspires confidence.

According to my experience, this kind of offers go great on SocialBar format from Adsterra, so this time I’m going to use this format again. 

Well, let’s see how this turns out!

Choosing an offer

First of all, I should mention that the offer was found completely by accident, when I was just scrolling through the list of Affbank offers. I was interested in Indonesia payout, which is quite high in my opinion, meanwhile the traffic there is pretty cheap. 

I already mentioned everything I know about the offer in the introduction, and this is all I know about the app, because I have never seen or opened it before in my life.

  • Conversion type: CPI
  • Vertical: Utility
  • Device format: Mobile
  • OS type: Android
  • No incent traffic
  • Payment for each install — $0.5

Screenshot of the final lander: 

Strategy for advertising a mobile app

Just as with all the previous cases, I always encourage everyone, without exception, to conduct pre-tests of campaigns. The importance of SocialBar format tests comes from the fact that we need to test our creatives to see if they are suitable for the main campaign. This way, we’ll already know in advance exactly what goes in and what can be later removed. 

Carefully read the terms of the offers that you start working with, to prevent possible unpleasant situations. 

I decided to pour traffic by CPC model, $0.004 per click. To my mind, it’s a good pay per click rate, which will cut off possible competitors. And on top of that, my click estimator showed me rather promising results.


Now let’s move on to the most juicy and significant moment when working with the Social Bar format. Previously, in my cases on this format, I have often mentioned the importance of pre-testing ALL of your creatives. Throw in any ideas that pop into your head! But everything has to be within the rules of the platform, you should keep that in mind. 

Moving on to the main part of this section, you need to get used to the idea that for the sake of good money you’ll have to work hard. Analyze the situation and find the best bundles of creatives that can hook the user. 

And yet again, we are back to the fact that animated creatives and those that look like native notifications showed the best results during tests. People love interactive and user-friendly ads 🙂 

So, let’s fire up Google Translate and come up with some headlines. 

Here are my examples of creatives, based on personal ideas:

Try not to get too carried away, everything should be kept within reason. Do not forget to check the translation, because in some cases it comes out with mistakes and looks ridiculous. Be sure to choose the right and correct phrases: they should entice and intrigue. Also, don’t use way too harsh language — it can discourage some users.

In addition, I advise you not to forget about the need to use prelanders. Try to find and use prelends close to the theme, or similar to the content of the offer.


Stage 1 (Adding tablets)

If you see that everything is well, why not increase the amount of traffic? Ask your manager to add tablets to your campaign, ’cause in some cases this allows you to show your ads to new users and increase the amount of traffic.

Stage 2 (Custom Bids)

Once again, I’m in total love with this feature from Adsterra and just can’t stop enjoying it. Custom Bids allow you to make a kinda “Blacklist 2.0”, which will not disable the placement if you still need it, while allowing you to increase the bid on the placements with the best results.


Overall: targeting mobile and tablets; Android 6.0 and higher; excluded several IOS browsers, $0.004 per click bid; Indonesian language

Screenshot of the final settings:


Screenshot from Adsterra:

  • Total spent at Adsterra for all days $120.1.
  • Income $601.
  • Profit: $480.9.
  • ROI 400%

I can’t hide my happiness and satisfaction! 

The campaign turned out much better than I could have imagined. The app, which was pretty dull at first glance, worked out great, even though my internet connection was down for the day and I had no way to work with the campaign properly.

The bundle works, try it yourself. And be sure to try the format, it’s worth it. 

Good luck!

We hope this case study of advertising a mobile app with Social Bar push ads has encouraged you to achieve new heights in ROI and CTRs. By the way, Social Bar is a universal ad format that keeps exciting advertisers and affiliate marketing with superb results:

Or, maybe, it’s enough theory? Enter the Adsterra world and test best-in-class traffic 🙂

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