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Cost Per Click is now available for web push SSP!

by Adsterra Team

Adsterra Self-Service Platform now allows you to launch web push campaigns via Cost Per Click (CPC) model! It means that you pay only for the clicks your ads receive and get 100% control of your budget. CPC model is preferable when your main goal is driving conversions, and Adsterra SSP allows you to launch effective CPC campaigns in minutes!

What are the main advantages of CPC model?

It allows you to pay only for users’ clicks

It means that you pay for the engagement with those users who are actually interested in your ads and that will most likely make a purchase or complete another desired action on your website


It’s a transparent and stable pricing model

You can tell precisely how many clicks you’ll get for the amount of money that you’ve spent. It makes budget control much easier.


Your ad receives free exposure, even if it doesn’t get clicks

Since you only pay for the clicks, your ads are shown to relevant audiences for free. It means that you can still build brand awareness, brand engagement etc.


CPM is the best way for scaling your campaign, in which you’ve already tested your creatives via CPC model.

How Adsterra SSP makes CPC web push campaigns even more effective?

1. You can add as many creatives to your campaign as you want, which allows you to test them easier and faster.
2. All existing targets are available, including target on mobile carriers, browser versions;
3. You can launch a campaign in minutes, because all settings are available on one page.

The minimal bid is 0.01$ (for TIER 3).

How to launch a web push campaign with Cost Per Click (CPC) model?

  • Go to your personal account dashboard
  • Set AdUnit category to Web Push
  • Set Pricing type to CPC

NOTE: to create a web push CPC campaign you need to top up your budget first.

Cost per click is a pricing model that has many advantages. Try CPC model with Adsterra SSP and make smarter investments in your ads!


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