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5 Best Ways to Make Money from a Blog in 2022

by Adsterra Team
Powerful tips for making money from a blog

A good blog can bring its owner hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s absolutely doable for everyone if one applies a business approach and learns from others’ successes and failures.

The amount of money you can make from your blog and the degree of hardworking efforts depends on your goals. You can build a thriving business that brings you revenue similar to a tech startup or just earn an extra $1,000 on top of your monthly job salary. We hope you’ve already chosen a type of content you’ll be passionate about, because in this article we’ll focus on how to make money with a blog.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging in 2022?

Truly, a lot. But your revenue depends entirely on how hard you are willing to work and your strategies for content monetization. The second factor determines long-term success. Choosing the right blog monetization methods, you’ll be able to produce less content and receive more money with time.

The Top Five Ways to Make Money From A Blog

#1 Selling Ad Space On Your Blog

Ad Networks 

When you visit a website or read an online journal, you can see ads for electronics or beauty items. They appear to be those very items you were just looking at on the Internet or your friends’ Instagram pictures you were leaving likes on. These are called display ads. You can engage in an advertising program with ad networks like Google AdSense to place similar ads on your blog. You’ll receive money every time your visitors see or click on it. Paid advertising also has its strategies. 

  • CPC (Cost-per-click)

In this payment strategy, you get money whenever a user clicks on ads/banners. 

  • CPM (cost per ’mille’ — thousand impressions)

This method allows you to get a fixed sum of money for an established amount of impressions.

Networks like Google AdSense and Adsterra make advertising monetization easier for bloggers — you don’t have to contact advertisers directly. These platforms chooses ads relevant to your website content. They also provide you with ad formats that suit your blog structure and design.

Based on your audience’s preferences, ad networks allows you to place ad banners, popunders, native ads, or direct links on your blog. Payouts are also automized, so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. For instance, at Adsterra you get a NET15 payouts the way you prefer, even in USDT. 

You should constantly attract more traffic to your website to make paid advertising work. Reinforce your content with SEO keywords and consider manual content distribution. You can start by posting links to your blog pages on social media or suggesting visiting your website to users on forums that discuss similar topics. When your blog becomes more popular, advertisers will reach out to you directly to make more fruitful deals.

However, working through ad networks is more convenient for both sides. They can provide you with constant offers for advertising, so you can count on regular revenue streams. Ad networks have more tools and useful algorithms for targeting, advertising performance optimization, and reporting on the campaign. Otherwise, it’ll be your job to find clients for advertising. Even if they reach out to you on their own, that won’t happen regularly. You also need to track ad performance for them and negotiate a price.

Place revelant ads from direct advertisers on your blog and start making more money today with Adsterra!

Selling Display Ads Directly To Advertisers

When you’ve grown your audience, you can turn to more lucrative opportunities to make money from your blog. Sell banner ad space directly to your prospective clients. In this case, you’re the one who sets the price and time when it’s displayed on your website. 

This content monetization strategy requires more preparation because your website has to match some criteria. You should be able to show your advertising prospect a diagram with the traffic dynamics on your website to prove its value.

google analytics report

It’s your responsibility to negotiate the price and terms of the agreement. Selling a banner ad space directly, you still can apply PPC & CPM strategies. However, it’s more convenient to set a flat rate, so you won’t bother by tracking views and clicks by yourself. Without special software, you’ll need to add some plugins to your website or even do some coding to set analytics tools. Whatever monetization strategy you choose for banner ads, be prepared for an increase in administrative work on your side. 

#2 Sponsored content

With this method, you get paid for advertising and recommending sponsored products or services. You can post info and links on your social media, mention them in your video or podcast, or publish the article in your blog about a sponsored offer. Sponsored content brings you more money but requires more quality from both sides: content and technical characteristics of your website.

The more visitors you attract on your website, the more attractive of a publisher you will become. You should also take care of such SEO indicators: domain ranking, URL ranking, and link profile as a whole because these criteria are also under their consideration.

Reviews and giveaways

One more option for advertising in your blog is publishing product and services reviews and running giveaways. It’s more for fun than for cash. Companies send you their products or offer to test their services for free. You should give them a positive review and conduct a prize competition among your audience. 

This kind of advertising is popular in social networks. The conditions often imply following the runner on the social network and tagging photos with a unique hashtag. An additional benefit for a blogger is getting more subscribers. However, most of them unfollow the blogger after the giveaway finishes or stay inactive, not interested in what the blogger has to offer when the freebie is over.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you act as a mediator in the selling process and earn some fees. The advertiser provides you with a unique link to their products to place on your website. You can do this the way you want or negotiated: banner ads or content format. The seller tracks the customer journey of the lead that made a purchase and sends you the commission for the deal. It’s easy to track thanks to your unique affiliate code built in the advertiser’s link.

You can start with affiliate marketing networks like Amazon Associates. To work with multiple advertisers even without a well-developed blog, try Adsterra’s Smart Direct Link. A single line of code is placed on your blog (usually you add the link to the spots with hot conversion, like buttons). Smart Direct Link contains ads from 8K advertisers. When a user led from any traffic source (ex. Instagram) comes to your page and clicks the link, Adsterra’s AI optimization matches this user’s info (geo, device, OS, 3G/Wi-Fi connection, preferences and interests) with the most relevant ad. You get paid!

Register at Adsterra and get the Smart Direct Link’s code to place on your web page.

Smart Direct Link Code

#4 Digital Products

When you already feel that your blog is a reliable and valuable revenue stream, you can go farther and become a publisher of your advertising. To do so, you need to create a digital product that relates to the interests of your audience. 

Here’re the most popular options for this approach:

Ebooks and Workbooks

After blogging around the same topic a couple of years and having grown your devoted audience, you’re more likely to be considered an expert in this chosen field. Based on your success, you can create a guide or any other valuable material that matches the interest of your audience and offers teaching on subjects or skills they are ready to pay for. It can also be a book if you’re into literature. 

The only difference between an ebook and workbook is that the latter includes more practical tasks for users to interact with.

Online courses

Now, everyone has some valuable knowledge, experience, or even a technique to share with others. The bloggers who dared to go this way now are making big money, and you can join them, creating your unique online course. For this, you will probably have to expand the functionality of your website or even set your educational platform.


Consulting requires more personal interaction with your users. You can use your blogging platform to conduct one-to-one consultations online or help your customers build some kind of strategy. Another variation of this type of service is coaching. Choose what applies more to your sphere.

Membership sites

Turn your website into a paid online journal or community with exclusive content. You can include three previous options with ebooks and online courses into this one and switch to the subscription business model. You can also make a gradation of content pricing inside this community. 

#5 How to make money as a blogger: the alternative options

Can you make money blogging for others? Sure! If you’re not sure where to start or not ready to be a full-time blogger yet, there’s another way. You can make quick money if you’ve got some valuable skills and experience developing your blog. Here are a few alternative monetization options for your expertise.

Digital Marketing

Blogging is not only about expressing your creativity and letting the world see it. This business needs complex internal and external development strategies. Digital marketing lies in its basis. A blog can be a digital marketing tool. 

The ones who had started a blog as a hobby wondered why they have few readers or followers. While the other newbie bloggers learned to match their work with real demand of the audience by saturating their articles with SEO keywords and quality images. The greater enthusiasts also learned to choose and implement different social media strategies and conclude partnership agreements on advertising. 

All of these additional skills are in high demand on the market. Well-established companies are striving for specialists with such skills. You can have a side hustle in a media buying agency. In the meantime, learn some new approaches to developing your blog into a fully functional business.

Outsource Community or Content Management

You can find and apply to this freelance job faster than any other. Online entrepreneurs hire assistants all the time. The responsibilities of this position include a lot of tasks that you are doing while blogging: content management, administrative work, negotiations on minor matters, creation of personalized emails, or even entire email marketing campaigns. One of your responsibilities can be hiring and curating subcontracting agencies for paid advertising.

Freelance Writing

Writing is the first skill you develop when you start blogging. For many of you, that’s the most favorite part of being a blogger. If you’re tired of the administrative tasks you have to do to make your blog successful, you can do by writing alone.

Freelance writing can be an independent business in many ways. You can create offer pages, ads, and business presentations as a copywriter. You can write guest posts on popular blogs and even famous journals. After years of guest writing, many bloggers return to their blogs, having a rich portfolio and reputation for attracting readers no worse than ads.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Make Money Blogging

Choose a blog niche

You can’t even imagine how many beginners are struggling with choosing a blog niche. It’s a real mental blockage for all those people, but there’s no real complication here. They are afraid to make a choice just because they operate the wrong criteria. Let’s review common mistakes:

  • You shouldn’t be ’really passionate’ about the topic; something ’enjoyable’ will be enough.

You can be slightly interested in many topics. Let’s say your favorite hobby is basketball or knitting. You prefer to realize your passion by doing it, not writing about it. You can also write on this subject, but if you approach blogging as a real business, you’d better stick to more beneficial topics. 

It’s also not realistic to sustain over time — being ’passionate’ about something 24/7 can lead to quick burnout.

  • Match your interests with what are people looking for

You shouldn’t reinvent the wheel and become an innovator trying to cover the topic no one covered before. Choose the topic and research it. Check your competitors and find out what your audience is looking for when googling. 

  • Plan smart

You should know how much traffic you can attract to your blog before the start. Use Google trends to analyze public interest in the topic you want to cover. See what kind of articles this topic implies. Are evergreen articles enough or should you produce content daily, and if so, do you have time for this?

The second thing to analyze is search queries around your topic. Make some suggestions on what they can be and check them with Google Keyword Planner. In this system, you’ll see how many times people search with one or another keyword monthly. This will help you assume how much traffic to expect if you include these keywords in your content.

P.S. Learn how to produce captivating content. Do not use ’long reads’; create a text structure that is easy to navigate, and choose some copywriting tips like storytelling or something applicable to your topic and style.

Choose a platform for blogging and launch

You have at least three popular options: social networks, blogging platforms, and a personal website. All of them have their benefits and limitations. You can launch faster on social networks, and the content will be shorter and easier to write, but you don’t own a place for display ads. In terms of advertising, you can count on sponsored content, reviews, and giveaways only.

Choosing a specialized platform for blogging, you agree on its terms. Internal rating systems can help with your promotion as well as a system of content recommendations. Advanced services require an additional commission, but it’s worth it. 

Blogging platforms already attract massive traffic. This is a huge advantage in comparison to building your own ’no-name’ website. You probably won’t be able to do this alone even with the help of site builders. There are too many things to consider, starting from functionality, design, and having SEO requirements and tricks in mind. Besides, growing traffic to a new platform takes so much time that many bloggers give up doing this. 

It also makes sense to change the strategy slightly. Many bloggers who succeed in blogging on specialized platforms move to their platform with a solid core of their audiences. Now, they make money blogging with all the privileges that their platform provides.

Produce quality content

In the beginning, research top competitors and trends and try to make the same things better. Those guys know what they are doing and are already making money from a blog. Do it smartly: add your examples, use storytelling, add new information, and unique points of view. People search for articles on appropriate topics and look for authors who make complicated things easy to understand.

Pick one social media network and own it

To succeed in blogging, you need to adjust your content to the tastes of your audience and the specifics of the chosen platform. Plan it upfront and stick with the one. You can’t produce content of equal quality for each platform, don’t mess around losing your time. Choose one platform for publishing and use the other ones to make announcements. A well-established and consistent presence on one social media platform will be enough.

Begin monetizing your blog

The preparation and content production part matter as much as the one where you’re making money with a blog. Be patient — all good things require time. The first grand you’ll earn from blogging will seem the hardest, but if you keep going, you won’t notice how you triplicate this sum every month.

Checklist: how to make money from a blog


Now you know the answer to the question “How can I make money from my blog?” and can see your blog as a full-value business. All this information is useless without two things: quality content and smart monetization strategies. If writing excellence comes with practice, then money comes from smart advertising strategies. 

It’s real to make your blog a reliable revenue stream. You shouldn’t sit and wait until companies reach out to you with offers for sponsored content, or the banner ads gain enough clicks on your website. Be proactive! Contact Adsterra to do things right from the very beginning and monetize ad impressions with optimal rates.

Start making money with your blog today

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