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Offers to launch in July

by Adsterra Team
Since the market has stepped on the recovery path, all verticals are struggling to compensate for the months of lockdown. Of all the recent challenges, the necessity of making the right decision at first try has become mission-critical for businesses. We won’t let those challenges throw you out of track. With our fresh set of the July Top Offers, you’re fully armed to start advertising at a superpro level. Each month we share the most prominent offers listing geos, device types, and ad formats they are advertised on. You can make use of it, launching a test campaign at Adsterra with one of the offers or a similar one. To give it a try, all you need is:
  • Pick the offer that you want to launch
  • Find this offer or the one with identic settings in your affiliate network
  • Set up and launch a campaign with this offer at Adsterra*
  • Done!  You haven’t wasted a minute and prepared to enjoy great CTRs 🎯
*For the smoothest start, read our step-by-step guide to campaigns launching.

Which of these traffic champions will you choose?

Instead of an appetizer. A hot offer to try Social Bar

Social Bar is a brilliant mix of ultra-engaging ad formats: live chats, surveys, videos, and custom banners. It has shown unprecedented performance with a 20-30x CTR boost for dating, finance, software, and gaming verticals.

Get our Guide to Social Bar to advertise at a new level.

VPN offers on Social Bar


Top traffic: US
DeviceMobile, iOS

Top offers for Popunder, Web Push and Native Ads traffic


VpnProtect: Best WiFi Security

Ad Format: Popunder
Top traffic: US
DeviceMobile, iOS

Games with great traffic_july20


Ad Format: Popunder
Top traffic: ID, CN, MX
Device: Desktop, Windows

Utilities offers_july20

My Mobile Secure

Ad Format: Popunder
Top traffic: CA, US
Device: Mobile, Android

webpush offers with great traffic


Ad Format: Web Push
Top traffic: Southeast Asia (ID, MY, PH, SG, TH, VN)
Device: Mobile, Tablet, Android

Webpush gaming offers july20


Ad Format: Web Push
Top traffic: Europe (GB, IT, ES, FR, DE, TR, PL)
Device: Desktop, Chrome

Utilities offers with high traffic july20


Ad Format: Web Push
Top traffic: US, GB, CA
DeviceDesktop, Chrome

Games with great traffic_july2020

World of Warships

Ad Format: Native
Top traffic: ES
Device: Desktop

Games with great traffic_july2020


Ad Format: Native
Top traffic: DE
Device: Desktop

A gentle reminder to check the “Offers Wishlist” tab in your account, where you can discover dozens of Popunder offers to launch. Perfect for a traffic test drive, isn’t it?

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