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[Leaked] A Set of Profitable CPA Offers to Try Right Now

by Adsterra Team
Trending CPA offers for affiliates

The painful truth is that Google won’t shower you with “trending CPA offers” after you type in this search query. And Adsterra is about to do this right now! Today, you will get a set of super-fresh, trending CPA offers to run on Adsterra traffic. 

Some facts to learn

  • All offers have been tested by Adsterra CPA experts and proved to fit Adsterra traffic like a glove;
  • These offers have NOT been advertised massively within Adsterra, so you will get all eyes on your ads;
  • Many offers have the simplest conversion flow like installs, downloads, and opt-ins, so you can buy CPA traffic and pay only for target actions.
  • Popunder and Social Bar (In-Page Push) ads will be your best choice here. 

  1. Find the offer from the set below in your affiliate network or program.
  2. Sign up or log in as an advertiser.
  3. Then, you can either top up your account with a test budget or start setting up a campaign. It’s possible to send a campaign for verification without adding funds. But remember to do it after the verification πŸ˜‰
  4. Pick basic settings and targeting on the Create Campaign page and submit your campaign!

* We saved some insightful clues at the end of this post, so make sure you read them.

how to create adsterra ad campaign
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Mobile traffic | Apps / VPN / Cleaners / Antiviruses

BestFonts trending iOS offer

Indonesia (ID)

Sofisa Direto CPA offer

Sofisa Direto: Investir Online
Brazil (BR)

sweetmeet offer

Indonesia (ID)

forex education offer

FX Tutorials

fretebras mobile offer

Brazil (BR)

safe guard trending cpa offer

Safe Guard Mobile Security

mobiclean android offer preview


Public Local Videos offer preview

Public Local Videos
India (IN)

Ultra Junk Cleaner offer preview

Ultra Junk Cleaner

fondeadora offer preview

Fondeadora Cuenta digital
Mexico (MX)

keepclean offer thumbnail


VPN Super Speed offer preview

VPN Super Speed

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All traffic | Subscriptions / Sweepstakes / Betting

walmart campaign example

Walmart Sweepstakes
Desktop & Mobile

MegaFreeBet offer preview

Desktop & Mobile
Brazil (BR)

Sports Subscriptions landing page example

Sports Subscriptions
Desktop & Mobile
Indonesia (ID)

Educational CPA offer sample

Mon Compte Formation
Desktop and Mobile
France (FR)

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Desktop traffic | Browser extensions / Web tools

a preview of a firefox extension ad

Firefox Extension
Desktop, Firefox

Parameters editor
Desktop, Chrome

PDF tools for desktop

PDF Toolbox
Desktop, Windows, Edge

keyboard settings tools

Keyboard Extension
Desktop, Chrome

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Tools and tricks to pump up your campaigns

Trending CPA offers won’t tolerate poor bidding strategy or over-optimization. So make sure you’re all set up for grabbing hot conversions, not missing out on a single lead!

1. Look at your conversion flow. If it is pretty simple (e.g., an app install or subscription), boldly take the CPA pricing. It is better to buy CPM traffic when dealing with a dense conversion flow (e.g., a deposit.)

2. Tracking is a must for CPA offers. Remember to add Adsterra tokens to your offer’s URL. The ##SUB_ID_SHORT(action)## token delivers conversions to your tracker, while the ##PLACEMENT_ID## allows for monitoring traffic sources and creating black- and whitelists in the future.

How to add tokens to your URL

3. Always start with the traffic-richest ad format. Traditionally, it’s Popunder (over 2.2B impressions weekly.) If your advertiser allows creatives, try Social Bar. It sends almost as much traffic as Pops but engages like nothing else. There are over 20 free template creatives with CTA buttons, animation, and multimedia elements inside!

4. Avoid mixing countries, traffic, and device types in one campaign. Decompose your traffic, which means slicing it into a couple of large chunks.

You can split traffic by:

  • mainstream and non-mainstream (niche) traffic;
  • iOS and Android OS (for mobile campaigns when running a cross-device offer);
  • countries.

5. To ramp up the approval, add previews of a landing page and a pre-lander. The upload option is right below the offer’s URL.

Where to add a lander's preview

6. Use budget limits when just getting familiar with a new ad network. Adsterra protects your budgets, as you might have guessed πŸ˜‰

You can choose total, daily, or even hourly limits for your campaign. Allocate spending for at least a week. This will be enough (in most cases) to test the traffic behavior and embrace as many ad impressions as possible.

Use budget limits

Smart tools to help you out

While you’re about to launch a test, don’t try to outcompete your competition with the highest bid, especially with CPM pricing. Use Adsterra Traffic Estimator instead. It sends you clues for minimum bids, which are enough to enter the game. If needed, increase the bid a little, but not double or triple your payout.

Traffic Estimator calculates a minimum bid

With unlimited geo choice, you can turn to our Traffic Chart. You will have a clear picture of traffic volumes in any country in a couple of clicks. Apply filters by ad unit, device, OS, or traffic type if needed.

You can check traffic volumes with the Traffic Chart tool
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What’s next?

Well, you’re all set up now! Adsterra tries its best to shorten your path to trending CPA offers. All you need is to grab your fav offer outrunning those who are still hesitating and dwelling upon “pros and cons.” Good luck!

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