by Adsterra Team

Great news! Adsterra Self-Service Platform (SSP) now allows you to add as many creatives to one campaign as you want! This feature allows you to test your creatives easier and faster, therefore it notably reduces the time of creating a campaign. It also makes it much easier for you to plan and distribute your budget on testing different creatives!

To cover all of the many ways this feature can be useful to you, let’s dive into the topic a bit deeper. Here are some major advantages of creatives rotation:

I. It saves your time.

You wait for only one campaign to be approved, instead of several separate ones. You launch one campaign and you test all of your creatives within it!

Let’s say you have 4 creatives that can possibly give you great results. But which one will bring the most clicks/conversions? Well, before creatives rotation you’d have to launch 4 campaigns and wait for them to be approved and then check the results they’d given. 

Plus if you wanted to apply any changes, you’d have to wait for all 4 of them to be approved. Well, no more! Now if you have 4 creatives, you can add them to one campaign and quickly see which one provides the best result!

II. Users tend to be more interested when they see various creatives in one campaign.

Obviously, it’s kind of boring when one same ad pops up on your screen all the time, so it’s no wonder users are usually more curious when they see new creatives, which also results in higher CTR.

III. It’s an easier way to plan and distribute your budget.

Let’s say you want to spend $100 on testing 4 creatives. Before the creative rotation feature you’d have to fund 4 campaigns, spending $25 on each of them. Also if you wanted to top up the budget of your campaigns, you’d have to do it four times.

With creative rotation you can spend $100 on one campaign and your budget is distributed between all of your creatives automatically. And if you want to top up your budget, you only have to do it once.

Adding multiple creatives to your campaign is quite simple:

  • go to your Dashboard
  • click on “Create campaign”
  • change AdUnit category to “Webpush”
  • and click on “Add one more creative”.

Rotating creatives is one of the simplest ways to make sure your campaigns are as effective as possible. Save your time by launching one campaign with various creatives inside, so that you can quickly see which one gives the most conversions and provides the best result!


Try creatives rotation now to make your ads more effective quicker and easier!


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