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Are You a Blogopreneur? Ways to Make Money With Display Ads in 2023

by Olly V
a blogcover to ways of growing income with display ads

How to make money with display ads? Today’s publishers and webmasters should be more like multi-skilled pros rather than perfect content creators. Only by shifting your approach to doing business online, will you be able to tick as “done” some $100, $800 or $1,300 daily earnings.

This article will not give you a money printing press but it will definitely inspire you to discover new ways of how to make money with display ads in 2023. We will first run through the most highly-paid display formats and then, switch to some little-known approaches to making a profit from placing ads.

Which display ads return the highest payouts in 2023?

There will be no surprises here, therefore, let’s keep it short and simple. As mobile traffic continues growing along with advertisers’ bids, display ads that can fit mobile screens will hit in 2023.

In-Page Push covers both desktop and mobile traffic monetization goals. It’s a unique opportunity to grab extra income. Ads come as alerts that don’t annoy but engage users. Unlike banners, In-Page Push ads don’t need a fixed ad space, and putting them to a website takes minutes if not seconds.

Social Bar looks friendly on any website
That’s how Adsterra In-Page Push can look like

Another ad format that aims at growing advertisers’ ROI and publishers’ income is Popunder. Despite the ongoing talks forecasting their nearest death, pops, pop unders, clickunders (these are all the same) will be more than popular in 2023. 

Publishers make the most of Popunder ads, since they always send high-paying offers from all Tiers and geos. Another reason why webmasters fall in love with Pops is that they don’t have to reserve any spaces like in the case with banners.

Unlike Popups, Popunders don’t overlap the current window

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Earning from placing advertising codes is also called “getting passive income, and it is partly true. Twice a month you get your payouts only from ad views. In contrast, affiliate marketing or dropshipping require a whole load more effort and even investment. But still, not every blogger becomes a successful entrepreneur. It’s time to dispel some popular myths and pave your way to generating greater income with display ads.

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Why do some bloggers fail to make money with display ads?

With such a genuine flow “put ad codes and make money from views,” some webmasters still can’t jump to making more money with display ads. Sometimes, the reason is the lack of organic traffic or just some sad mistakes in ad placement. But these are all common things. Today, we want to unfold a couple of false beliefs that lead to monetization failures.

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1. Multi-page and multi-topic websites don’t grant you high CPM

A brief disclaimer here. We’ll be discussing only the prospects of creating such websites. If you’re successfully running a news aggregator website or a financial blog, your monetization strategy is safe 😉

We’re used to thinking that large and reputable websites with hundreds of pages grab all profits displaying advertising. Generally, they do. But it doesn’t mean that a smaller niche blog can’t pay off well.

One of the biggest mistakes most bloggers make planning how to make money with display ads is when they overestimate the volume of the content. You don’t need to waste months on creating another NYT or CNBC website. What will truly work is a set of smaller blogs that give a complex overview of a topic or problem. These are not multi-topic news, SMM or lifestyle websites. These are specific blogs that target a decently narrow group of people. The so-as-called “niche blogs,” and we’re going to talk about them later, so keep on reading.

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2. You DON’T need to be a writing guru to earn much

Another trap most publishers fall into is thinking tha being a true pro blogger, a magnificent copywriter, guarantees them stable earnings.

The truth is that “blogging for money” has one keyword, and it’s “money.” While you polish your writing skills, you may be missing out on extra opportunities to monetize your content. You still can make your blog drive revenues if you’re not a native English speaker but target this audience.

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3. Technical SEO is not enough to ensure you profits

Even if you’re skilled in back-linking like Brian Dean and or able to optimize your webpages to load at less than 1 second (as required by Core Web Vitals,) this may not be enough to increase your profits. Meeting readers’ interests is as important as making the website run smoothly.

Today’s publishers are somehow content strategists that happen to be SEO experts also. It means that keyword research is the most demanded skill for a moneymaker. Keywords now come from dozens of sources and help you power blog posts with human generated phrases.

  • Bing search (especially useful if you target people aged 45 and more)
  • People also ask section in Google search
  • Related Search by Google
  • Google and YouTube suggest
  • Quora question phrases
  • Wikipedia table of contents
  • Reddit search queries

For instance, Google and YouTube Suggest phrases help find less massive but more targeted phrases. Quora, Reddit, and forum’s queries show how human-generated phrases sound like.

The YouTube Suggest search field example
Here is how the YouTube Suggest works
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Types of search phrases to try in 2023

One more thing that can help form a set of powerful SEO topics is learning which search phrases to use in posts and articles.
When you run a tech blog you could use navigational queries like “adsterra login,” “how to sign up for TikTok,” “how do I upgrade my Pinterest account.”

Commercial and transactional queries come from users who are willing to buy a product but have not decided yet. They are eager to get a comparison, a review, a video tutorial with examples. You can target these users by providing posts like “what’s best, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro,” or “Which dirt ebike to buy for a 10 y.o.” Readers who are in need of detailed posts with lots of facts will consume display ads alongway.

Examples of People Also Ask search phrases by Google
That’s the Google Related Searches section
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Low-competition keywords as a profit booster

Low-competition keywords are search phrases that have less competition among other websites in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Since there are fewer websites targeting these specific keywords or phrases, it makes it simpler to achieve a higher ranking for them. If you’re starting a blog, LC keywords may become your profit booster. All you need is to find them and write high-quality articles where you will later insert display advertising codes. But how to find those low-competition and high-volume phrases? There’s no rocket science, even beginners can do it successfully.

Ways to find low-competition key phrases

  • Using social media hashtags is a direct way to find hot topics and get a clue of what your target audience is interested in. This can help you create relevant content that appeals to your niche market, which in turn can be very lucrative.
  • Google Related Searches (see the screenshot above) is another helpful tool for developing unique ideas that could benefit your online business. Once you have results for a term, scroll down to the bottom of Google to find other related suggestions. You’ll be surprised by the endless possibilities.
  • To find low-competition keywords, you can use SERPs (search engine result page). But you’ll need to reverse engineer those. First, you enter a primary keyword that you want to rank for and examine the related search terms that show up. Continue through these until you find more specific long-tail keywords. Finally, evaluate the domains attempting to rank for these keywords and the level of difficulty they face. You need high volumes but less competition.

Trending niches with low-competition keywords in 2023

  • Scin care
  • ChatGPT
  • Generative AI
  • Sports
  • Android gaming APKs
  • Mobile games
  • Movies
  • Software APKs
  • Freeware
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What to try in 2023 to make money with display ads?

Answering the question “how to make money with display ads if you’re not a million-followers blogger,” think of WHEN ads will work better even if the audience is not big. We’ve got a few clues to help you come up with new monetization strategies. 

1. Think outside the box and surprise users. That’s how

Users never loved ads, but they are curious about something new. While lots of publishers continue stuffing web pages with way too boring ad formats, you can try adopting a unique strategy:

  1. Get one ad code that will pop outside your website (monetization with Popunders.)
  2. Add advanced In-Page Push (Social Bar) formats that rotate different visuals on your page.
  3. Place Direct Links inside your articles notifying users that your content might contain advertising.

One of the most unusual but still profitable formats for publishers is Social Bar. Adsterra webmasters generally place it along with Popunders to diversify income. Social Bar has nothing in common with dull ads we’re all used to. This ad unit teases users, offering them engaging content; this might be an animated icon, a chat with a pretty lady, a quiz, or a countdown.

Innovetive ad formats engage users better
That’s an example of Social Bar ad that looks like a widget with a counter
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2. Sometimes, you can display ads in a pretty aggressive way

No, we’re not urging you to place pop-ups that can’t be closed, that’s way too much, and users will leave your website forever. But what you can do is provide the website visitors with an alternative, less intrusive and more appealing format.  We talk about Interstitials. These are full-page ads that appear while users are reading your blog. They might seem very annoying, but unlike pop-ups they look more engaging while users can easily close them. Interstitials are like smaller landing pages remaining design-rich and user-friendly.

Interstitials are easy to close, full-page ads that fit desktop and mobile screens
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3. Focus on being a blogopreneur rather than just a perfect writer

Quality content is nothing but a new norm today. Lots of bloggers are brilliant storytellers but not everyone becomes rich. Copywriters are everywhere, so your best move is not competing in your writing craft, but making content they are missing out on or still have not published. Here are some inspiring tips from our publishers who managed to build their businesses from zero to thousands of dollars. 

Secret tips from expert bloggers who earn by displaying advertisement

  • If you’re not a native English speaker but target English-speaking users, use simple constructions in sentences. Your aim is not to impress the readers with your fluency. The language is nothing but a tool to share knowledge and expertise. What readers will appreciate for sure are actionable tips you can share as a pro.
  • Look for trending topics but don’t make your posts too generic. Focus on something that most authors have skipped. Highlight this in your heading in a way like “What most e-bikers forget while test driving and regret when they start riding.” While this heading teases users it is still weak in SEO. “Electric Bike Test Drive: What You’re Missing Out.” Though the volume of search phrases is not very impressive, these keywords relate to transactional searches, which means users intend to buy an e-bike. Hence, they will read your article looking for valuable, helpful tips.
Examples of transactional search queries
These are examples of search phrases with low entry barrier but a higher engagement (transactional queries)
  • Don’t polish your writing, instead, write several articles related to this particular topic. Cross-link your blog posts with similar topics and add call-to-action buttons. 
  • Think of how to improve your Average Time On Page metric for the whole blog rather than fighting for it only in a single article. 

Summarizing all said above: be a moneymaking perfectionist rather than a copywriting guru.

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4. Collaborate instead of working alone

You don’t have to share revenues with anybody when you’re a solopreneur, that’s a fact. But when you collaborate with other pros, you can triple your income. Imagine that instead of learning Wordpress SEO at night you could focus on content planning. Or, ask your partner to set up a paid Facebook campaign after you created a landing page.

Be smart in choosing partners. Your skills should complement each other’s making your business a well-oiled machine for content creation and distribution. 

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5. Rewrite and reuse texts to multiply revenues

Let’s imagine you have written a great piece of content. A tutorial or a manual with helpful tips and lists. When on your website, it starts attracting users. If you copy and paste it to several blogs, you will be flagged for plagiarism. But you still can reuse the copy and place it on several blogs after you rewrite the content. Doing this manually is a waste of time for a blogopreneur, right? You need to use smart automation tools like SmallSEOTools, Paraphraser.io, ParaphraseTool or QuillBot. The latter can even adapt to your writing style.

QuillBot offers you free services for article rewriting
Rewriting articles is much simpler with AI-powered tools
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6. Let robots create headlines, captions, and news [free AI tools]

Another use case is when you need to publish a lot of short texts, SEO copies, news or other short stories that state facts not requiring deep knowledge. What would a moneymaker do? Exactly! Find smart tools to automate this routine. Powerful AI-based platforms like GhatGPT, Anyword and Copy.ai will become your loyal partners. 

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7. Use free website building and content editing tools

As a blogger and moneymaker you will need to produce lots of content and visuals. While Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are irreplaceable for corporations, you will prefer cost-effective ones that allow for boosting content creation and save time.

Google Sites are perfect for building landing pages where you could put Direct Links and get paid for ad views.

Canva offers you plenty of templates as well as customization tools to make any graphics and visuals you need for your website.

Picsart is another all-in-one platform of photo and video editing tools as well as design ideas.

Meitu and VN provide powerful video editing tools in case you need to upload lots of mobile tutorials. You can even upload 4K videos and use almost unlimited sets of filters and effects including glitch and trending TikTok effects.

RemoveBG and its analogs are irreplaceable when you need to create a collage removing unnecessary background from a picture.

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8. Run several niche blogs instead of one multi-topic website

While huge websites still generate millions of views and dollars, if you’re a beginner publisher, setting up a well-optimized multi-page will be a tough task. But where you can complete is in the field of niche websites.

What is a niche?

A niche is a narrow topic which:

  •  generate enough organic searches;
  •  have lower competition to allow you to move up in SERP; 
  •  generate a steady flow of organic traffic (be evergreen or trending);
  •  have enough potential for multiple articles;
  •  solve problems of a group of people;
  •  offer in-depth, actionable tips or rare information.

For a niche blog, being specific about each topic is a must. Though you will get less traffic but it may reward you with a more engaged audience in the end. Compare these two colums with topics. While one of them is more popular, you will have to compete severely for traffic as well as work hard to get enough backlinks. The set of topics to your right are niche; they will not send you massive traffic. Your strategy will be creating lots of low-competition topics, SEO-optimize articles, and wait for interested visitors to come and consume the content along with ads.

Bike riding tipsEarplugs when riding: which ones to choose
Best lightweight riding helmets for women
Best ride-to-eat places for vegans

Examples of niche blogs that sparked

Broad topic: Artificial Intelligence
Niche: Voice assistants
Blog to inspire: Voicebot by Bret Kinsella and Ava Mutchler

Broad topic: Unmanned aviation and robotics
Niche: DIY FPV drones
Blog to inspire: Oscar Laing’s Blog

Broad topic: Sports
Niche: Cricket
Blog to inspire: Waseem Afzal’s Blog

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9. Run several similar websites with the same service

Have you ever found yourself going around in circles between similar websites that pop in the first pages of Google search? It usually happens when you’re looking for a PDF converter, background remover, or a gif optimizer. These websites’ developers sometimes buy several domains related to one or two popular search phrases and simply launch the same service under different URLs. Tada! 

One of the very inspiring examples is a paraphrasing tool whose team optimized for google search each of its services and placed it on a separate domain making cross links. Nice move, right? They could have launched just one website for one service that would cover all these tasks (and actually it is one tool) but they created several simple sites for each user’s search phrases and tasks.

These guys also provided a long quality seo copy on each of their domains explaining the benefits of using their tools.

  • Article paraphrasing online
  • Heading rephrasing 
  • Sentence rewriting 
  • Article spinner
  • Blogpost paraphrasing online
  • Article rewriter
  • Anti-plagiarism rewriting online
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10. Use several techniques to drive free and paid traffic to your website

Here comes the must-have skill to make money with display ads. A blogopreneur will have to learn several techniques of driving traffic. Various traffic with various search intents can enrich your blogs and landing pages with quality ad views and lots of clicks. Let’s outline a couple of the most actionable ways.

Free social traffic

Did you know that well-designed Pins can attract many users to your website? Well, that’s true. A couple of days to fill your account with catchy and SEO-rich Pins, a short practical course of Pin design, and you have a genuine free source of traffic.

How to start with Pinterest? You have all the ins and outs listed in this definitive guide to making money with Pinterest traffic.

Or, maybe, you’re the one who can create compelling news? Then, your way is growing a Facebook or Twitter/X blog filling it with viral content. But wait! How is it connected with display advertising? Directly. If you have a website with ad codes, you can drive social traffic to this website, increasing the number of ad views (and payouts!) It’s better to give a read to some real success stories, right?

Paid social traffic

If you have a landing page with some valuable content, you can try advertising your Facebook post leading paid traffic from FB to your lander where you put ad codes. Users will come to consume content and watch ads alongway. Facebook targeting and landing page building are necessary skills to apply this technique. With this guide to making money with display ads and Facebook traffic, you will boost those skills within one working day.

Landing pages with free PLR content and display ads

Along with blog posts, you can try building small landing pages with free PDF tutorials. People love cheat-sheets, checklists, white papers, free tutorials, and courses. Placing a quality PDF available for free will compensate for ads users will have to watch.

Remember that you’re a blogopreneur, so look for ways to save time on PDF design and compilation. There are dozens of quality sources that offer you PLR content to download at an affordable price if not for free.

You’re now all set to start a new day as a moneymaker with lots of ideas and projects. We hope this guide has unveiled a couple of fresh ideas that you can apply right now.

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Summary: Moneymaking with display ads in 2023

With markets struck by the pandemic and with prices soaring, every blogger needs a safe and legit source of extra revenues. Making money with display ads will be among the most prospective strategies in 2023. Keep your eyes on the road and drive safely, and the results will come surprisingly fast.

  1. Know where to catch traffic trends. For instance, Adsterra shares its best CPM rates every two weeks.
  2. Instead of investing months in creating and optimizing a multi-page website, try running several niche blogs with display ads.
  3. Collaborate with pros who have complementing skills.
  4. Use a mixture of ad formats instead of placing multiple banners on a page.
  5. Try low-competition topics and keywords to win traffic easier.
  6. Apply all techniques to generate content faster instead of writing posts yourself night after night.
  7. Use various sources to pull traffic to your websites (e.g., Pinterest).
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