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Blog Monetization: When To Start And How Much Traffic You Need

by Patrick D

When starting a new blog or website just to make money online, one big question you may have is how much traffic do you need to monetize your blog or website? How long do you have to wait before you start monetizing?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question, and it varies depending on your circumstances. You must first decide which monetization model you want. Will you use Ad networks like Adsterra? Maybe try affiliate marketing? Sell goods and services? Or promote a paid newsletter or content?


Most advanced bloggers employ several monetization strategies at once. For example, you can place an ad in your site’s header and promote affiliate links in the main body. You can place direct ads in the sidebar and then promote a paid newsletter program in the footer.

But first, you need a good strategy. In this article, we discuss what you need to get started and at what stage you can start making money from your blog.

Build your blog and grow your audience first

Build your blog for readers and for money (not for writing). Everything about blog monetization will turn upon SEO and Content Value. You normally can’t create a blog with 1 million readers overnight, but you can try and should make it potentially profitable.

Here is the checklist for that:

Finding an awesome blogging niche and a name for your blog is the first step to starting a very successful blog.

  • Choose the right hosting service:

A lot depends on your web hosting service, including website speed, scalability, and security. So make sure you choose the right one. Click the link to learn more about web hosting services for publishers.

  • Come up with great blog topic ideas:

Aim for consistently engaging articles every week. Imagine them like youtube videos or blockbuster Hollywood movies ––  you want your readers to be impressed and satisfied

  • Do some competitor analysis:

Analyzing your competitors’ blogs helps you to improve your content and develop your business.

  • Come up with SEO keywords before writing any post or article

Writing with search engine optimization in mind helps your blog to rank higher in search engine result pages. SEO-friendly content increases organic traffic to your website, increases conversion rates, and helps your audience.

This article will help if you are a novice blogger, who wants to create quality content.

If you’ve done all the steps above and your blog has excellent content, growing community, traffic, and your readers trust you, that’s when you can plan to monetize your blog.

Our advice here is simple:

Don’t hurry up to monetize your blog and spend some time developing your SEO and content strategy. You will need to have a reserve of well-built and optimized posts, too, to maintain content publication frequency.

Early monetization problems and how to mitigate them

There are some peculiar problems with monetizing too early. Here are some of them:

Frustration after getting low CPM rates at the start

You can lose your motivation and interest in blogging if you don’t see revenue after all the efforts you put into your blog. Don’t give up. Blog monetization comes along with traffic growth and with user interaction. On many publishers’ ad networks you are limited by Alexa ranks or other traffic volume metrics. We at Adsterra don’t set barriers to beginners, however, you should take into account that your CPM (the cost of 1,000 ad impressions on your website) depends directly on the number of visitors and their clicks on ads.

Check out this article to get more info on CPM:

Why Do I have Low CPM?” Straight Answers and Handy Tips for Publishers

Not making sure your visitors are ready to consume ads along with content

For some blog niches, ad density is a sore subject. The rule of thumb is “value comes first”. You first need to earn the trust of your audience.

Start with a fewer number of ad codes. Don’t overuse banners, install Popunder ads instead. They don’t appear on the website and remain invisible until the browser tab with your blog is closed.

This Popunder monetization guide will clearly explain to you how it’s done:

Sell Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Your Guide to Popunder monetization

If you’re blogging in the education niche, it’s nice to post a disclaimer citing you’re sharing your expertise for free, but using ads for monetization.

It’s also a good idea to put a disclaimer at the start of the post, citing why you’re running ads on your blog. You’re providing quality content for free, and you’re trying to make money by serving ads. Most readers will understand you immediately and will tolerate the ads. Even going as far as interacting with them.

Choosing the wrong products for affiliate marketing posts

Not every product will be relevant to your target audience. If you have started collecting a database of subscribers, it is better to conduct a survey and then choose what products to review and write promotional posts.

For example, if you have training courses, offer a free video course or checklist. In return, ask what topics the core audience is interested in, besides your usual topics.

Making too many promotional posts

If your blog is still in its early stages, don’t immediately go overboard when writing affiliate posts. You’ll lose your readers’ interest and loyalty because they’ll think you’re just another advertiser and not a publisher interested in your main work: blogging.

Oversaturate your home page with ads

Again, there is nothing bad in ads. Imagine that you enter a blog and want to read something interesting. But the homepage is full of ads. Most likely, you will close that blog and never come back. So make sure you’re using the right ad formats moderately. Always put yourself in your reader’s shoes and guesstimate the number of ads they’ll tolerate on your homepage.

Usually, it’s enough to place 2-3 banners and add alternative display formats, like Popunder or Direct Link. To know more about Smart Direct Link and how to monetize it, check: Direct Link Monetization 101: Make Money Instantly With or Without a Website.

If you exceed the allowed number of placed ads, you will lose readers and advertisers. Readers will not see anything useful because of the advertising, and the advertisers will not agree to place ads because the chances that your reader will click on their ad is low.

Pre-monetization FAQs

So, now you are ready to monetize. But before monetizing, you must have a plan. Here are some factors you should know about:

Where can I check the current traffic on my blog?

Traffic is one of the key factors of blog monetization. Install an analytics system on the blog – we suggest Google Analytics or even Google search console. Their statistics show:

  • How your blog traffic is growing,
  • Which articles bring more traffic,
  • Which keywords bring visitors to your blog,
  • Average time people spend on your posts,
  • The number of readers.

Also, check your Google Search Console for the last 90 days if it is possible. After that, compare it to the previous 90 days. This will help you understand if your blog is growing or declining.

How much traffic do I need on my website to earn money?

Before starting calculations, you must know your ad network’s CPM ( cost-per-mille). Adsterra’s smart algorithms use eCPM, which considers the geographical source of your site’s traffic and its popularity, your overall website’s performance, and the rates advertisers are willing to pay.

In general, you’ll earn more if the majority of your traffic is from first-world countries (USA, Germany, etc) and if your niche is very profitable. You can start monetizing with as low as 1000 visitors per month.

Why you should try Adsterra as a passive income source:

  • We have many direct and reputable advertisers from all niches: E-commerce, Games, Apps, VPNs, and more.
  • We offer high CPM rates thanks to AI-powered optimization. Adsterra selects and sends you advertising offers that are more likely to convert with maximum bids.
  • Adsterra has ad formats that bypass AdBlock and run on all OS including iOS.

Learn more about Adsterra for new publishers and bloggers here.

What blog monetization model should I choose?

Affiliate marketing

This is a relatively simple method with a good income. Suitable for experienced bloggers and beginners. About 15% of the turnover of online commerce is accounted for by buyers attracted through partner programs.

You get paid not for advertising but for a conversion: a purchase, callback request, registration on the site, downloading a price list, or other promotional materials.

Placing ads

Unlike affiliate marketing, this is the fastest way to start getting paid. Here you get paid for ad impressions, not a commission on a purchase.

At the start, when there are few impressions, your income will also be small. But you are going to make your blog successful! This means that advertising revenue will also increase.

Traditionally, banners have been considered a top-notch format. They are easy to place, you can choose a ready-made size for your website, and everyone already knows and is used to them. But then the problem of banner blindness arises.

Smart and advanced publishers have switched to new ad technologies and received higher payouts with Popunders, Social Bar Push Ads, and Native Banners.

To learn more, read about Quick publisher’s manual to ad formats.

Publishing guest posts

You can post other people’s articles on your blog with a backlink to their website — this is another way to make money on your blog. The advantage of this method is that by posting articles, you earn income and expand the topics of your blog’s content. But this method is only profitable for blogs with a high domain authority or domain ranking.

Selling digital products (e-books and online courses)

If you are an expert in your niche and have started a blog to share your experience and knowledge, you can get customers from your subscribers and readers. To earn money on your blog, start selling information products:

  • Online courses
  • Electronic books (e-books)
  • Manuals
  • Video clips
  • Text scripts

Promoting your services through a blog

Another simple method of monetization. It is used both by authors who do not have much time for blogging and by well-known bloggers with a big audience.

Why do I need to build relationships with readers?

As long as you publish great content for your audience, you should have no problems with converting your readers into paying customers. But don’t forget about building relationships with your audience. Better is your relationship with your community, better you would understand their wants and needs. Knowing the needs of your readers can help you to overcome problems that they may be experiencing.

Tips to monetize your blog

  1. Start with one advertising format: You can add a Direct Link to any format.

Here is a link to the guide to choose the best one:

Profitable Ad Formats For Publishers: a Quick Guide to Learn Them All

  1. Be sure to survey your reader’s behavior:  Acting according to the interests and needs of your readers, you get a greater return from your mailing list, greater involvement of subscribers, and a positive long-term effect.
  1. Do not place ads that break the UI: Autoplay video ads may distract your readers. Because the audio starts immediately, confusing the reader and distracting them from the main content. Make sure you use ad formats that fit your website’s layout.
  1. Do not try to write the best review ever: If you have chosen affiliate marketing, do not try to write the best product review in the world: it is better to do 2-3 on different topics, but consider the benefits for customers. Add bright pictures and put CTA buttons.
  1. Be sure to boost traffic at the same time


You can monetize traffic with Adsterra even today. We do not limit the volume of impressions, only the quality of your traffic. It must be authentic, targeted, and clean.
But your income grows if you can increase the volume of high-quality traffic. The general advice is not to rush to monetize your blog. You must spend a little time (for example, six months) on development (content marketing, SEO, UX) and earning authority. Write to us via chat. We will respond and help you choose the best way to monetize.

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