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How Much Money Do Websites Make From Advertising?

by Adsterra Team
Website niches to earn from
Do you still wonder why some website owners earn nearly $10,000 monthly from ads while others barely make $80 using the same ad network? Let’s start from the beginning to understand advertising effectiveness metrics and evaluate all factors before forecasting ad revenue realms and opportunities. To get an outline of how much money websites can make from advertising, we’ll need to cover the key aspects like top blogging niches, average CPC rates, and the most reliable and well-tried ways of monetization. In this article, you’ll find out how to form ad revenue, which are ways to make money from ads on your website, and the most profitable blog niches to focus on.

Advertising term definitions

First, we need to understand some advertising terms used to describe ads payment models before estimating how much money websites can make from advertising.


CPM — or cost per mile is an alternative payment model where you get paid when an ad on your website gains 1,000 impressions. Usually, all major ad networks form your revenues out of the CPM metric, and it can drastically vary from one website to another. As a blogger or online entrepreneur, you might be interested in those factors that affect the cost of 1000 impressions. Get this ultimate guide to CPM from our previous posts.


CPC — or Cost Per Click ads payment model implies that you, as an ads publisher, will be paid every time your website visitor clicks on ads displayed during his session time.


CTR — or Click-Through Rate is the relation between the number of clicks on advertising to the number of ad impressions. If 200,000 visitors saw an ad on your website and 20,000 of them clicked on it, CTR will be 10%. The higher CTR is, the more effective the ad and your website are as an ad placement.

Note! Website GEO and traffic volume are true deal-makers. With a massive organic Tier 1 audience, you can make more money from advertising on your website. However, ad networks like Adsterra are opening ways to grow for thousands of beginner bloggers.

Now, let’s answer the question ‘How much money does a website make from ads?’ based on these indicators.

5 Ways to Earn Money with Your Website

#1 Display banner ads

When people google ‘ads for my website to earn money,’ the first results they see are mostly related to display ads networks. This is the fundamental way. However, for newbies, revenue volume from display ads can seem not so encouraging, so we’d recommend learning about all advertising options before making conclusions. 

The average cost-per-click rate for ads on Google’s display network is $0.58 for an advertiser. In reality, ad publishers get from 50% to 70% of the click amount. Your commission depends heavily on the competition and rates in the chosen niche. It ranges from $0.25 to $3 and can reach even $15-17 for the most profitable niches like insurance, according to the SEMrush reports.

#2 Ad Networks

You can join programs of Advertising/Publisher networks like Google AdSense or Adsterra which allow you to sell space on your website for display ads.

Ad networks provide you with options to place native ads, ad banners, popunders, or direct links on your website pages. Working with ad networks, you have broader monetization options like pay-per-sale, lead, or per-install apart from well known CPC and CPM models. Ad networks also remove the necessity for personal interaction with advertisers. Payments are automatically calculated, charged, and paid out.

Register on Adsterra to multiply your ad revenue thanks to the network’s smart technology and methods.

Adsterra's perks for publishers
Why publishers rely on Adsterra

#3 Affiliate marketing

In this model, a website earns money from clicks on a partner’s link with your unique code that leads your website visitor to the partner’s product or service landing page. If you have sufficient traffic volume, it’s worth trying. For example, Shopify Affiliates program offers you $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan via your link. 

There exist some niche programs that work for both widely promoted and newbies blogs. Experts recommend taking a closer look at the web hostings’ affiliate programs like this from Bluehost that rewards its partners for each qualified sign-up. However, beginner bloggers might find it challenging to make money with the largest affiliate platforms because of the lack of traffic and a loyal audience. As we know, most of the programs work on a pay-per-sale model.

A quick start in making money from advertising on websites

If you’re looking for a quick start and want to succeed when your website or blog is still in the early development stage, try Adsterra’s Smart Direct Link, which enables you to work with several advertisers. What you need is to get the Link’s code (an typical URL) and place it anywhere on your web page. The Link contains thousands of advertising offers. But your website visitors will meet only those that are relevant to their interests. Smart algorithms gather user data like geolocation, device, language, and preferences when a person clicks the link. And then direct them to the matching advertisers’ landing pages.

#4 Sponsored content

There are different profitable ways to increase your website ad revenue with sponsored content. Consider posting a direct link to the advertiser’s platform within your regular publications. Besides, writing an article or making a complete video review of the sponsor’s product or service can result in a high income. This way, you can keep your website content consistent in style and charge advertisers not only for a link but also for content production.

The cheapest sponsored link costs $150-300, depending on the niche. So how much can a website make from ads, in the case with sponsored content, is entirely up to you — as a publisher, you’re the one who set the pricing policy. What’s more, making custom content you can charge twice or three times more.

Consider the following content as an alternative:

  • Record a sponsored podcast;
  • Sell ad banner placement directly to the interested advertiser for the price and time you want;
  • Form a brand partnership to expand your visitors base by mutual promotion with a partner.

#5 Paid products and services

When you become more expert, grow your audience, and gain their trust, you will be able to sell your products and services. At this stage, you’ll probably want to become an advertiser yourself to promote your products on other platforms to get an increase in sales.

Here is the list of things you can create to sell on your website:

  • Courses,
  • Books,
  • Coaching sessions,
  • Your participation in the conference as a speaker.

The most profitable website niches

Let’s make it clear at the beginning: here’s the list of broad areas with some suggestions for more specific niches inside. A particular niche will help you attract a more devoted and active audience. Still, the blog topics shouldn’t be too rare and odd, because websites make money from traffic volume first, and only then the quality of your visitors and subscribers will play a role in your revenue.

This niche review will be more useful for beginners who are doing their research before choosing what kind of website they want to start to make more money from advertising in the future.

Insurance and legal matters

According to the SEMrush stats, insurance is the most expensive niche, with an average CPC rate of $17.50. Of course, competition is also high. Blog readers interested in these topics prefer to get information from trusted sources that established their Internet presence tens of years ago. It’s not an easy niche for beginners. If you’re still determined to create a website or blog dedicated to these topics, you should have a strong industry background and known name.


Online education, to be precise, is in trend with a cost-per-click rate of $12.08. A variety of educational options and courses make your niche choice nearly limitless. You shouldn’t even be a teacher or coach, start a blog with tips for self-education, or teach how to learn quickly.

Education sub-niches include:

  • Online schools,
  • Learning methods reviews,
  • ’How to…’ lifehacks,
  • Self-education,
  • Education webinar platforms.


This niche wins a $6.61 CPC rate that makes it the third most profitable niche. Marketing topics are ubiquitous now, marketing specialists are in high demand on the job market, and they also benefit from endless freelance options. Startupers, business owners, and average bloggers are continually searching for ways to improve their digital marketing strategy, brand awareness, and content tips. You can build your website around a single marketing tool, channel, or specialization.

Pay attention to the following sub-niches:

  • Landing pages advice,
  • SEO tactics,
  • E-mail campaigns,
  • Business presence and development strategies,
  • Personal brand advice,
  • Marketing tools.

From Adsterra’s experience, websites that offer marketing tools are ones of those who grow website advertising revenue at the fastest pace.

How to make money

Ahrefs assesses the interest in blogging niches
Popularity of 'How to make money' blogging niche according to Ahrefs.

From the Ahrefs statistics above, you can see 170,000 queries per month for this niche. No wonder this is one of the eternal questions related to basic human needs and desires. People are always thirsty about new ways and tips for making more money. This blog niche’s challenge is that it won’t be enough just ’to be passionate about the topic’ or ’to know a lot about the subject.’ Teach on your example or leave it. Followers understand that you should invest money or other valuable resources before starting to earn them. In this case, your readers want to know that they won’t waste their time by following your advice. Starting a blog like this, be ready to present and prove your results to gain trust.


  • How to make money online,
  • How to make money blogging,
  • How to make money from + [hobby/industry].

Health & Fitness

Health is an extensive niche with endless options for narrowing it. You can focus on people with some type of disease like diabetes and have enough content topics to cover for many years. A self-care routine or a healthy diet are also popular directions. Blogs on mental health and spirituality matters are continuously growing their audience by offering coping and developing techniques for relaxation, breathing, and meditation.

The fitness niche is a great big world with enough room for everyone. Private coaches are developing their brands via blogs; fitness lovers share their lifehacks on exercising and diet; and those who want to be fit are looking for the methods to suit their lifestyle: like fitness for moms, 55+ fitness, fitness tips for office workers, etc.

What sub-niches you can explore here:

  • Nutrition,
  • Self-care,
  • Meditation,
  • Yoga,
  • Fitness for…


This niche is a mix of different sub-niches that rely on general self-development topics and narrower things like vegan culture or pilgrim trips. Help people find integrity in their work/life balance, give them useful time management tools, and step-by-step guidance on achieving their goals. 

These sub-niches are popular among readers:

  • Time management,
  • Self-development,
  • Financial guidance,
  • A travel blog,
  • A hygge blog,
  • Mindfulness,
  • A mix of ’eat-pray-love’ advice.

Relationships and parenting

This niche is a mix of psychology, lifestyle, and personal growth. People desperately try to figure out the perfect way to make it work flawlessly when it comes to relationships. Some ideas are parenting blogs and guides on baby care, education, family activities, food, games, and responsible parenting.

Sub-niches for the relationship sphere:

  • Dating websites for…,
  • Mom/Dad blogs,
  • Relationship advisory,
  • Teenage parenting.

DIY & Decor

Decor can be a hobby for some readers and a lifestyle for others. The decor niche has a $2.01 CPC rate, but its popularity has been sustainable for years now. This niche can be an excellent fit for those who want to choose based on their passion.

Discovers a couple of sub-niches:

  • Home decor,
  • Garden decor,
  • DIY projects and ideas,
  • Hand-made decor.

Food & Beverages

This is one more niche with eternal popularity on the list. Food and beverage blogs are forming a ’blue ocean’ for foodies with different tastes. It will also be easy to find partners for affiliate marketing and sponsored content in the early stages of your blog development.

You can develop your blog in the following directions:

  • National cuisine,
  • Exclusive recipes,
  • Coffee-lovers community.


Interest for this niche grows year by year. Previously, technology websites were subjects of professional interests for industry specialists or geeks, but now technology is becoming more and more popular among managers, marketers, creators, and even artisans.


  • IT-solutions and programming,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Smart homes,
  • Smart speakers and voice-enabled devices,
  • Drones,
  • Medical technologies.


Gaming is another world that attracts more followers regularly. Games are becoming interconnected with books and movies by sharing the same plot, and, as a result, extending the fan base. Esport, as a separate niche, now makes huge amounts of money.

Some sub-niches for the gaming market:

  • Specific console focus,
  • Retro games,
  • Video game reviews.
  • AR/VR games.

Final thoughts

When asking yourself how your website can make money on advertising, remember that it’s always better to apply a complex approach. The hardest thing about monetizing with ads on your website is staying consistent in your blog development during the first couple of years before achieving really satisfying financial results. Many bloggers give up in the first year not being persistent and never achieve their goal.

It doesn’t mean you can’t start earning from ads after a couple of months after launching your blog. Helpful content, quality expert advice, and balanced website promotion will award you. Make sure that you have a tangible means of instant monetization — register on Adsterra Publishers’ Ad Network and grow your website revenue faster.

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